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    Find/replace - paragraph wiht ^p at the end


      Hello, I can't find what is wrong... I am using ID 5.5 with latest updates. When I tried change for example Header from capital letters to small one and select whole paragraph with ^p at the end, next paragraph is changed too:


      The same happened when I use search/replace. If I can change paragraph style to other one, both parahraphs are changed.

      Do you have any idea, where I am wrong?

      Thx for help... Ilja

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Without seeing tha actual file, and from your limited description of what you are doing, it's not easy to tell, but it sounds likeyou have two styles, one is based on the other, the base style specifies all caps, and the second line was typed in lower case. That was a little hard to follow, sorry.


          In any case, have you tried selecting the paragrah and using "Change Case" to either Sentece Case or Title Case, depending on what you need?