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    Deleting a Partition on a Dell Studio laptop: please confirm the correct way.

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      I have a Dell Studio laptop, which proved a  great disappointment (in using CS5 Web Premium on it,) despite its i7 CPU &  8GB of Ram, especially  due to its graphics card, but that's another story....

      The main and still unkown issue with this machine was that it was  spontaneously shutting down; it's had many of its parts replaced including  hard disc - twice, fan -thrice, motherboard a couple of times, and still the spontaneous shutdowns happen, nevertheless, I turn to you folks now, to help me eliminate the partition on this  computer's hard drive.


      The partition was created by one of the many Dell  technitians who examined this laptop, who insisted that partitioning  its hard disk would optimize it for Adobe, yet, i, Beleaguered by the onging ordeal, was unable to argue.

      So now i have a 500GB hard disk that's partitioned as such: Disk C  that is 319 GB big, has the OS and CS5 with 262GB of available disk  space. And disk D that's 146GB big, only has 57 GB room left.


      I am running out of space on my projects partition - disk D, with tons of space on the OS + Programs partition (C), and about to go on a sojourn with Dell laptop.

      And, would appreciate sharing what i'm about to do, before making a  mistake; i intend to copy the 90 or so gigabytes of projects that is on partition D,  to paste it in partition C, and when that's done, delete partition D, by going in  the Start menu, right-clicking Computer to access Computer Management,  click Disk Management in left column, right-click partition D and choose Delete. This, i assume, will eliminate the partition, leaving me with the one 500GB disk for full usage.

      Is that correct?


      I would appreciate any feedback.