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    Trouble installing

    Aaron Beall Level 3

      I downloaded the trial:



      After the download manager completed it showed an "Install Now" button which I assume was supposed to install the plugin, but instead if just opened the zip file. The zip file just contains some plain files, no installer. I couldn't figure out what to do with these files. Any guidance here would be appreciated.

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          lomorgan Adobe Employee

          Hi Aaron,


          The download is an eclipse update site - to install it you need to go to "Help > Install New Software..." from within Eclipse/Flash builder. If you're using Flash Builder standalone on Windows Vista/7 then you will need to run as administrator (this time only). You should click the "Add..." button when the Install dialog comes up, and then the "Archive..." button in the "Add Repository" dialog. Then just navigate to the zip file you downloaded and then continue the installation process from there. There are installation instructions on the download page, though it would be good if they were a little more visible!


          Hope that helps,



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            Hi lomorgan, is there any eclipse update site for CS Extension Builder 2.0 ?


            I downloaded the archive but it would be great to get automatically notified for updates with an update site.


            Thank you,



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              lomorgan Adobe Employee

              Hi Sylvain,


              Unfortunately an update site isn't currently made available externally. To be notified of updates you could subscribe to the CSSDK blog (http://blogs.adobe.com/cssdk/), any news on updates would be posted there (and the post count is pretty low typically).


              Hope that helps,



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                Ether-x Level 1



                The libraries are great, I was using a in house solution before discovering this. However, there is a few missing features that block me to switch to the CS SDK:


                1 - In the FLfile object, the fl.platformPathToURI():String does not implement the required interface to JSFL. It should be fl.platformPathToURI(uri:String):String.

                2 - The use of class instead of interfaces make the software absolutely not testable (in the Unit Test sense, with FlexUnit 4 for instance).


                They are principal blockers to me, is there a Jira to report the features ? Could not find a project in the Adobe's Jira.


                For the second, it should be easy to extract interface from objects definitions, then in our unit tests we can implements these interfaces and inject the stub or mocked object easily. Right now the application is tighty coupled with the implementation, this is a bad practise in general.


                Edit: I submitted an idea here http://forums.adobe.com/ideas/1892.


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