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    beginner needs help


      Hi i am beginner in adobe flash player ..
      i am trying to make an animation using flash for my uni project ..

      i was trying to make the animation like the intestine in this video at  7:03. i do understand basic shape and motion tweening.. can anyone teach me on that please? thank you very much

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          helpAnoobOut Level 1

          well look into masks, google how to mask a object in flash. Because thats how it looked to me. The mask masks the object and reveals the object at the speed you tell it to. You then reverse the timeline so it plays it in the correct way.


          Just look into it on google, if you dont understand,


          http://www.unleash.com/davidk/flash/flash03.aspx ---- this is a link showing the use of a mask

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            zennway Level 1

            i do understand how mask work but it doesnt look like it in the animation. isnt the mask has to be changing shape consistently to avoid covering the intestine surrounding it if it were a mask like u said.


            i think it is something like making the line grow in the path that the creator designed earlier.


            look at 3:25 in the video ... they are similar animation in my opinion.. i m trying to achieve that.. anyone help please

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              It could be using masks or it could be a frame by frame animation.


              Using masks would be the simpler approach and probably the smoothest.  I say masks because you would probably want to control different sections of the intestine filling as separate pieces where you simply slide a mask over the segement.


              Since this is done over a white background, instead of masks you could also use white covers that you gradually slide off the sections from top to bottom layers.


              To do this as a frame by frame, you would start with the raw drawing in the first frame -> copy it into the next frame and remove a small piece-> copy that new frame into the next frame and remove a piece... repeating until you have nothing left.  Then select all frames and reverse them.

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                Lon Winters Level 4

                It seems that you've taken on quite an ambitious project for a beginner. I'm on my iPad, so I can't see the video, but I get the just of it from the discussion. My first suggestion is to look at all possible solutions, sometimes you may find something else that may work better, or is easier to do and still meet the requirements of the project.  Instead of creating animation, is is possible to just use portions of the video itself? Another tool that may come in handy is to create a file sequence from your video, or a portion of the video. This can be produced with most video editors, and I think Photoshop can also do it. Basically, it produces an image file for each frame of the video so yes, you end up with many images. But one or more of these still images may be useful in your project, or as a guide to draw your animation or masks.  Another tool you may be able to make use of is cue points. If you do use video in the project using the video component, you can assign cue points to specific times in the video. These cue points will trigger events in your project, such as showing an arrow and a callout at a specific time. Just some ideas, you may not need them now but they're always good to be aware of just in case.