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    ID features not working on my computer - CS5 and CS4

      I downloaded a 30-day trial of CS5 on  my personal laptop a few weeks ago. A few of the common features wouldn't work -  can't select the "selection" tool with the mouse (had to push V and Esc), can't  change colors (swatches won't select), can't change stroke, etc. It's like the buttons don't work - the don't even recognize the mouse....like trying to click on nothing.
      Assuming that it had something to do with it being a trial, I just borrowed  the CS4 discs from the company I am currently consulting for and tried to  install them. Successful install, but the exact same thing is occuring. Is it my computer?? My laptop is only a few months old.
      It's very frustrating! Anyone have any idea why this is happening?
      I appreciate your time. Thank you!