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    Unable to export from timeline with multiple codecs


      Macbook Pro i7 2.2 (early 2011)

      8 GB Ram

      256 SSD

      CS 5.5 Production Premium

      Lion 10.7




      I have moved over to PP from avid media composer, I have constructed a 720p timeline that has 3 different formats of HD video in it: ProRes 422 LT, Canon 60D (H.264?) and Avid DNXHD. The playback from the timeline is fine once I have rendered the clips, but upon export, using vared export settings mpeg2, h.264, I it always freezes, Ive tried sending it over to media encoder, but I have the same problem.


      I think it has to do with the codecs and OSX 10.7, as they say the DNXHD codec might be buggy. I havent got FCP installed on the machine so I am confused why ProRes Codec is working?


      Any infomation would be of great help!