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    InDesign CS4 will not run under Lion


      I have InDesign CS4 and Design Suite CS3. All my other CS3 apps run under Lion. The Upgrade to Lion failed leaving my internal unbootable, so I installed and migrated to an external drive. But after the upgrade to Lion all of the other CS 3 aps run, IDCS4 will not run. I get the following message:


      Adobe InDesign is missing required system fonts or CMap files. Please reinstall InDesign.


      I used the uninstaller and reinstalled. No affect. I made the Library folder visible. No effect. I cant

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          There is a very long list of incompatibilities with Lion:




          I'm sure there are many more that are unknown.


          FWIW, I highly recommend sticking with Snow Leopard for now and when you do upgrade, do so as a clean install.


          John will be along soon to tell you to ignore the man behind the curtain.



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            RevMark Level 1

            Thanks Bob, I've been to this list. The only thing that seems apprpriet is the Java, which I updated to no avail. I did jump on the band wagon way too soon. Think is I've updated to Tiger, Leopard, and Snow Leopard with no issues. I always repair perms before and after a major update. It ran fine. But when the Lion installer ran after about 40 mins it said that it cannot continue until after I repair the drive. I did. This time it came up with errors that it could not fix and the installer will now not go away. So, I inded up installing on an external with a migrate. All the rest of the CS3 stuff runs. Except I get an error once in a while with PSCS3E but doesnt afect anything (so far).