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    PE9 Wedding template issues


      Hi everyone, I'm the super happy recent owner of PE9, and I started my first projects recently, one of which is a wedding ceremony. As I used the first available wedding template called "mariage extérieur" (must be something like ouside wedding or something), I noticed that the video loop & associated soundtrack are limited to 30 seconds. Is that customizable ? In my case it's absolutely not uselful, as my loop was over 60 seconds, ans the soundtrack is cut after 30 seconds, giving an horrible effect.

      Template.pngMenu details.png


      also I noticed that there is a problem with the second windows of the scene selection menus, as there is no associated text zone, is it a known bug or am I stepping on something new ?

      Scene 1..png

      Scene 2.png

      I am a bit dessapointed as this template perfectly fits my project, and these things kind of pull it down. 


      Thanx for your help ....

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I don't know about an issue with the scene menu not showing text.


          But you are correct about the time issue. The background video for any disc menus in Premiere Elements is limited to 30 seconds.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            As Steve points out, the Menu Audio is limited to 30 sec.


            One way around that limit is to edit your Project in PrE, and then to use a full-featured DVD authoring program, like Sony's DVD Architect, which allows one many more options. I use Adobe Encoore, which only is available with PrPro, for its features. The authoring in PrE is fine for the majority of users, but it is easy to have a more intricate Project, that it just cannot fully handle.


            As for the Text in those Scene Selection Menus, I have never seen that issue before. Can you post a screen-cap of one of the Menu Set in the Menu Editing Panel, so we can see what it looks like there?


            Good luck,



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              Rocool82 Level 1

              er ... " Menu Set in the Menu Editing Panel," ? you had me lost there ...

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Here is a look at the Main Menu, from a Menu Set, that has been Applied and then opened in the PrE 4.0 Menu Editing Panel. Note that a Button has been chosen here (Bounding Box visible), and then we can alter the Text in many ways to suit.




                Hope that this helps,



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                  Rocool82 Level 1

                  Well it seems that your version 4 differs alot from the 9 I have, as I didn not find the same layout at all that that described in your image. However, I opened the menu's PSD files in photoshop CS3 at the office, and there, everything seems to be fine, and no components of the template seem to be missing (I compared the components of the "scene 3" that are fine in PrE9 with the components of the "scene 2" that has issues). I developped all the text layers contained in the (^^) folder, and they're all there. Local bug or real template issue ?


                  tplt PS3.JPG

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    I just Opened Outdoor Wedding (the SD version) in PS CS 2, and had the same Layer Sets, that you show from PS CS 3. Everything looked just fine there (remember, this is from the PrE 4.0 Templates Menu Sets, so could be a difference, though I did not see it in your PS screen-cap), and then added a Main Menu Marker at the beginning of my test Timeline, plus Scene 1 thru Scene 4 Scene Markers. At preview, I got thumbnails, just where I located them, and all work just fine. Here is a look at my Preview Monitor:


                    First thing that I would check would be the Scene Markers, to make sure that they are, where you want them, and then that the thumbnail (Poster Frame) is exactly where you want it to be.


                    Good luck,



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                      Rocool82 Level 1

                      Well it seems like the problem is solved, I reinstalled Pe9, but this time in english, and everything works fine. I took a dummy video to make the test, all seems well.There is a difference though, in the previous example, (where the soft was installed in french) the scene selection markers were white triangles on the corners of the windows, now it's leaves beside the text. I'm guessing it was a bug between the english template and the french version. Weird though.




                      Anyway, thanx for taking the time here, really appreciated ! Problem solved !

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        Anyway, thanx for taking the time here, really appreciated ! Problem solved !


                        Those are great words!!!!


                        The difference between the "leaves" and the "triangles" is likely a change that Adobe made at some point. My US English version of PrE 4.0, has the triangles. That change might have come along the production run of PrE 9.0, and maybe was not incorporated into the French version. I'd lay odds that some engineer at Adobe just decided, "hey, we've used those triangles for a long time. Since this an "outdoor" wedding, why don't we use leaves, instead?" And leaves it was.


                        Also, if you notice the location of the triangles (Sub-Picture Highlight), they are in the corner of the Video thumbnail display. In your version, they are beside the title text of the Button. In some languages, that title text could be rather long, or short, so a decision was probably made to just put the Sub-Picture Highlights in the Video thumbnail frame, as that will ot change, like a string of title text would. Because most of the PrE Menu Sets accommodate all possible install languages, some design choices have to be made - I'd speculate that for the currently installed version, those changes showed up in the Sub-Picture Highlights of this Menu Set.


                        Good luck, and thank you for reporting your success,