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    Transparency Help?


      Hi there! I am new to Adobe After Effects 5, and I am trying to import a .jpg into a composition. It's basically a picture of a 'T' Block from Tetris (Don't ask), and I changed the background, using a simple paint program, to black, which was the composition background colour.

      My assumption was that setting the blending mode to 'Screen' would mask out the black background, and not the T block.

      I was SHOCKED and utterly HORRIFIED to find out that it had also 'half-screened' the T-block, changing its opacity to almost invisible.

      I have tried everything from masking it manually to downloading a masking program.

      The mask on AE CS 5 was very primitive, as it was just a simple square that I couldn't resize or change the shape of. As I am a beginner, I am unaware of a better way to mask pictures.


      Can someone please tell me of a better way of getting rid of the black section of a picture, yet keeping the pink Tetris part visible and opaque? Thanks!