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    Problem with File Management in InDesign CS4 on Win 7 64-bit Machine


      I have Adobe CS4 and just today have encountered a new problem for which I have no solution. When I open InDesign CS4 and choose the Open File menu, and then attempt to change the way the menu diplays items (e.g., Details rather than Small Icons, ec.), the program crashes and I get the "Adobe InDesign CS4 has stopped working" error message. I first encountered this after attempting to open a folder containing InDesign CS file that I need to open and update. In *that* case, the program crashes as soon as I open that folder (from within InDesign). What I have done so far to solve the problem: I tried using Bridge to browse to the problem folder and open the files from there. Bridge does not crash when I open the folder, and I am able to open any file in the folder *from Bridge* into InDesign CS4. However, when I attempt to, for example, export text from the file, while it does not crash when the window (where I get to specify the name of the exported file and change its location [if I wish]) opens, when I attempt to change how the file menu is displayed (cf. my comment above), the program crashes. *However*, if I simply export the file to any folder other than the one the opening of which crashes the program, too, everything is fine. So the problem seems to afflict the one folder, and any attempt, in any folder, to change how the folder's contents are displayed in what amounts to InDesign's use of the Windows file manager function. Any thoughts would be greatly apprecatd.