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    Embed HTML webpage inside Fireworks


      OK, I've been working on this client's site for almost 2 years and she decides today that we should include her blog in the site. She wants the Fireworks wrapper around the blog... and I'm fried, so I can't think straight.


      She wants to take her existing Fireworks based site and have a user click on the "Blog" button, it would then go to another fireworks page that has her blog embedded in it from blogspot.com... kind of like it's in Fireworks but in a frame.  I've created a slice on the fireworks page that's about 900x1200 to hold the blog page, but how do I get it to appear in the opening?


      Like I said, I'm totally fried right now.  Can I do it from Fireworks or do I have to from Dreamweaver? If so, how?