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    Shape Menu's Do Not Display


      I just purchased and installed Flash Catalyst a few days ago. Today, for the first time, I launched it so I could explore the features. Immediately I noticed that the menus for the shape tools on the toolbar do not work. When you click on the rectangle/ellipse or polygon tool buttons, it just selects the first tool in the list without displaying the menu ... so you can draw a rectangle or trangle and that's it ... no rounded rectangle or ellipse, no other type of polygon. Has anybody else run into this? Any idea why it doesn't work? I am running Flash Catalyst CS5.5 on Mac OS X (10.6.8) with an NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT video card.


      Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

      Bill Bailey

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          Chalk this one up to not reading the directions first. I am a relative newbie to Creative Suite and expected the menu to appear immediatly for menu buttons. I noticed this also was happening with other tools like Illustrator, Fireworks, etc. so I figured I must be doing something stupid. I read the manual for one of the buttons on one of the applications and it said you have to hold the mouse down after clicking on a menu button ... and voila!, when I did that it worked.