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    Importing a long Word manuscript with endnotes = hell. Solution???

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      The endnotes coming from Word into InDesign are giving me fits.



      I'm working on a book, translation from Tibetan into English, with 15+ Styles formatting complex text, I estimate will be over 375 pages, 6 x 9"

      • There are 150 images, each on it's own page.
      • The Word doc is over 70,000 words
      • There are 12 pages of endnotes at the back of the book. They must remain numbered as in the manuscript.

      I do not want to do one long, 350 page document with 150 images. No Way.


      • If I break the Word doc into chapters the endnotes go with each chapter and renumber themselves in Word.
      • If I Place the entire Word doc in InDesign, and break the text, the endnotes renumber themselves.



      Ideally I would like to work with smaller InDesign files and Book them in the end.

      How can I Place the Word doc into separate Indesign files and have the endnote numbering not renumber?


      Does anyone have a solution? I'm willing to set up the files anyway that works so the endnotes stay in the text, and stay in the same numerical order.


      Thanks so much.