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    Autonumbering in heads

    Michael Wile Level 1

      I have set level 1 heads to autonumber such as


      5.1 XXXX

      5.2 YYYY


      How can I get the autonumbering to carry over into the running heads. When I use paragraph variable, only the text part comes through such as XXXX and YYYY instead of 5.1 XXXX.


      Hopefully it can be done as in FrameMaker. I just can't figure out how. I've even tried making a character style for the number part and trying to include "Character Style" in the text variable but that doesn't work.



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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          For some reason Adobe didn't include the Paragraph Numbering as part of the Running Head Variables. It's been like that since CS3.


          Please do as I've done so many times and fill out the wishlist form - I am going to do it again myself




          What I did in the past was wait until the project was finished or even if it has to go out on proof. I did a SAVE AS to another folder and called it something like Chapter 1_Numbering Converted.


          You can then in the duplicate file use Type>Bullets and Numbering>Convert Numbers to Text.


          Now they will show up in the running heads through the variable.



          You have to be very careful. I always deleted the files with the converted numbering after I made the PDF or print outs or whatever. I hate having duplicate files, as it can be confusing for another person if they ever have to take over after you.


          I made a text file explaining the process.



          HOWEVER, there is another more practical solution