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    C# example zip has virus

      The topic titled Import Microsoft Help into C# Example is a zip file from here:


      I downloaded it and sent it to someone in email. The following message appeared in my inbox:
      "Symantec Mail Security has detected an unrepairable virus in a message sent from your address". The recipient received a message that the zip file is quarantined.

      Any idea what might be the problem?

      Thank you.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          I would be more than a bit surprised if a download on Adobe's site contained a virus so I just downloaded that file and tested it with AVG. Came out clean.

          That leaves you and the recipient. It seems odd that Symantec would detect a virus on sending the email and still send the file. Are you sure the recipient did get the file, albeit quarantined, rather than just a message saying the attachment had been quarantined at your end?

          Have you tested the download on your PC?

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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Hi all

            I share Peter's opinion about being surprised if Adobe would have a download infested with a virus. However, I am also aware that sometimes even the best of plans can fail.

            I too tested by downloading the file and scanning it using my virus software. I see Peter did the same, but his virus software is AVG. Mine is Symantec Norton anti-virus. It's fully patched with the latest updates and virus signature files as well.

            Cheers... Rick
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              catamaran Level 1
              It turns out the virus message was a general statement used to ensure the security of downloading zip files. IT says it's common industy practice to quarantine a zip, since the user must open it, and the contents may not always have been scanned. However, I've never experienced this in many a zip download at this company.

              Thanks for testing! Even if they say it's routine, I wouldn't want to have imported a virus.