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    Audio interview files corrupt after import! How to reverse changes Ppro makes to audio files?

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      I have this terrible problem. I recorded audio interviews for a documentary with quicktime and a plugged in microphone. I had to reduce some noise to the files and since I know my way around garageband (I know, not very pro), but that program didn't take the .mov's so I renamed the files temporarely to .mp3. Two of my nine audio files are saved because I had them already imported in GB. I just was curious if premiere would take the renamed files, unaware that premiere actually changes files when you import them, even - as in this case - if they are refused. So I renamed them back to their original .mov but Premiere wouldn't take those too anymore. In fact no program i've tried (vlc, QT, mpeg streamclip) recognized them anymore, whatever extension, including .aac (original recording format) and h264 (worked once in the past with a different problem).


      So I saw the last change date had changed to the time I tried to import them and when I opened the files in textedit I saw many lines where I found the words adobe and premiere and it also was a complete mess of unicode. If you open an unaffected recording from quicktime you get a completely different picture of just a few lines, so those seem mostly unreadable by textedit.


      These recordings are very important to me and the file sizes seem to be the same. It went wrong on the point that Premiere thought it was dealing with an mp3 while it wasn't and therefore corrupted the file. I would be very grateful for any possible way to reverse the changes premiere made to these files! I include a link where you can download one of the smaller files so an expert might see what's gone wrong here: http://www.mediafire.com/?yje79kqe9tbueki


      (i'm using cs5, mac btw)


      Thanks, Jonathan