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    cropping question

    Michelmnr Level 1

      Hi all, it's more a question than a reply but I bumped into this thread asking this question "how to crop an AVI clip" and got a lot of photoshop answers till I got to this thread. What I wanted to do is, using the original clip I wanted to use 2 short portions of it. that is two different people jumping out of a plane. and have them spinning 360 degree to the length of a song. I did it but was annoyed with the black edges on either side of the clips (after fitting the clip to the safe frame)and would have preferred having them square for better balance. Pls tell me If you'd prefer this question in a new post. thank you.  (BTW I did export these two short clip after fitting them to the frame in a new sequence but the result is still the same, I hoped the new avi would not have the black edges, but it did not work!)