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    Can you/How do you fade in/out behaviors?

    Sean Booth

      So I’ve got an object on screen and I want to create an effect where is gets hit and it vibrates (like a tunning folk or guitar string). So the vibrations will start and then they will gradually get less and less. Is it possible to use a behavior from the preset list and have it start and then fade out?


      I’m pretty new to AE but I have done something similar in another project by using a null object to create a wiggle effect which faded in and out. Is this the best way to do it mabe?



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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          If you have a set of keyframes that defines an animation, and you want to decrease the amplitude of that animation over time, an easy way to do it is to use the Graph Editor to taper the set of keyframes as described here. If the animation is based on expressions, then you can convert it to keyframes first to use this technique.


          By the way, your use of terminology is confusing.


          In video work, the word 'fade' almost always refers to opacity (unless specifically mentioning audio levels).


          It's hard to answer questions when they're asked with non-standard terminology.


          Since you're new to After Effects, I strongly recommend that you begin here and work your way through the basic learning materials.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            There are several ways to do this. The easiest is with an expression. A google search for vibrating strings in After Effects brings up a bunch of options. The first is from Dan Ebberts Expression Lab. You'll find it here.


            A better solution uses Trapcode Sound Keys to link frequency to 3D stroke. I'd suggest that you get started with Dan's expression lab example.

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              Sean Booth Level 1

              Thank you for the replies.


              I must admit, being new to After Effects it is difficult to describe what I mean with the correct terminology. I have kind of jumped into it and I’m sure I’ll pick up the right words over time.