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    Sony TD10, MVC files, 3D, Importing and Saving - your thoughts?


      Hello, new to the forum but over the past year I've been collecting bits and pieces and now finally have a 990X cpu with 3XGTX 580's and Premiere Pro...Ya, what did I get in to..., well something to keep my mind busy.


      Anyway, Just got my TD10 and a Bloggie too, but looking to see if there is any updates on importing, but more importantly, being able to save the interlaced file that I'm pulling out of my Sony.  Will I need to purchase the Cineform 3d Neo program?  I've downloaded the plugins but not sure if that is enough.  I just Dave Helmly's "Stereoscopic Workflows for Premiere Pro CS5" and will check that out in a bit.


      I have been able to get the files off the TD10, edit a bit and combine with Sony's PMB, then play in 3d with Cyberlink's player with my NVidia glasses, pretty cool.


      I see there is a couple posts on this topic inside here but they are 2 months old.  I'm just looking for some pointers so I can jump in with both feet and not bang my head against any brick walls.  Looking forward to it.