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    how to make a multi language ui

    CoolCountDracula Level 1
      how do i make a multi language ui

      first i thought at app start up i will read xml data and store it in an array elements of which wud be bound to various labels and titles. but then language strings with xml formating is exceeding 600 kb which wud be preety slow on web.

      second i though i wud make a class with static functions and the above static array and this function wud be bound to various elements. this function wud check if the array already has the requested value and return it. if not it will send a request and return element of the array to be binded to which the request when returned will fill the value into the array.

      now the second approach wud work great only if static elements in flex could be binded. they cannot and thats quite riduculus as there is no reason y it shudnt.

      is there any other way to do multi language UIs in flex