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    tryig to solve the problem, but...please, see the code

    rohai Level 1

      I have a main swf (system.swf), which has the function, which swf must be loaded, it passes variables to asp, etc. OnEnterFrame a home.swf is loaded and into that a scene.swf is loaded. When a user clicks in a button in scene.swf, the function program is called, which collects the variables (this part works-tried it with trace), it send the variables to asp (I think this is also working, because the asp page opens and the right data is shown) and it loads a program.swf (this is laso working). The problem is that program.swf doesn't receives the data form asp. It does receive the data if I use a XML file or an asp file, but the asp doesn't receive the variables from flash (instead of using a QS from flash I use a fixed variable in asp). What I want to do is to show the data in program.swf instead of opening an asp page. THX for any help

      here's the code: