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    Virtual Ram Setting

    gavrielx148 Level 1

      Sorry if the question is not so connected to this forum

      But what to do this is the place I most enjoy learning from him...
      can any one please tell me
      1. what is the right and Recommended setting Values for 2GB of ram on windwos xp 32 bit? (static or not..etc)
      2. and for 4GB on the same os (like u know win xp dont support 4 gb of ram)?




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          JEShort01 Level 4

          I'd go with 2 times the installed RAM amount and static (set both min/max = 4GB or 8GB depending on RAM 2GB or 4GB). Then, if you are ever running anything that needs more memory (Windows will tell you), just resize it larger. And, if this is ever the case, whatever you are doing will be VERY VERY slow!