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    webpages being modified when converted to PDF



      I'm using Adobe Acrobat Pro X v10.10 in Windows 7 Starter and Windows 7 Ultimate.

      When converting a webpage to PDF a few very boring problems are happening and I wasn't able to fix it in any option of Acrobat.

      The problems are:

      1) Acrobat changes the page I'm converting to PDF, for exemple, changing the color of link words and sentences from blue to black. Another anoying problem is that it's removing a few lines that exist below a text title. Then, the resulting PDF has its text color changed, straight lines in the text removed, etc.

      2) Acrobat is splitting the webpage's page (one single long page) in many pages, breaking the content acordingly to the amount that fits a single A4 page.

      3) Last, but not least, Acrobat is also removing parts of the webpage from the PDF, for exemple, the side menu bar or text, the top menu bar of the webpage, etc. It's converting only the main content in the middle of the webpage. To make it more clear, if the webpage is displaying an article, Adobe is converting to PDF only the article, leaving out of the PDF everything else that is displayed in the webpage.


      I'd like to fix all these problems mentioned here, but none of then seems to be possible of correcting from the preferences or option menus of adobe acrobat.


      Can you guys help me?


      Just to make it more clear, what I want is that my PDF be an exact copy of the webpage with no changes in the text color, no changes in the content of the webpage, and that everything appears as a single continuous page, not letting the page to be splitted or breaked in many pages.