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    Cannot open epub-books in ADE


      Hi all,

      up to about 2 weeks ago I had no problems downlaoding epub-files (well, actually acsm.files) from public libraries and reading them in ADE or - after copying them - on my e-book reader (Pocketbook Pro 903). Then there must have been something happening I don't know what. Without changing any setting neither on the laptop nor in ADE nor somewhere else now the acsm-files get downloaded but they don't open in ADE. (In the libraries the items are shown as loaned.)  Drag & drop doesn't work, neither doubleclicking on the downloaded acsm-file nor anything else I tried. Deactivating the laptops's firewall didn't help either. I also deinstalled ADE properly and installed again - no change, the problem's still there. Nor I can't read free text samples of books to buy in online stores, so it doesn't seem to be a problem of the libraries' loaning systems. Previously bought books are still there in ADE and can be read.

      The laptop where this problem occurs is a Vista Home Premium SP 2 machine.- Does anybody have an idea what's wrong and how to fix that problem?