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    Recieving email notifications for classes


      Heya all,


      Ok i have a adobe connect pro account and i hold classes everyday and 2 timezones so my appointments are alot.I have so many projects that i need to be reminded via email when a class is going to start .........either a notification on the day or a time frame you can choose...a setting that you can choose when you recieve a notification via email prior to the class....i can not find anything in the settings to activate such a feature...the only notifications i can find are for errors etc............also because the net is global why isnt there an option to set a timezone in the invitations?....i meen if iam for example in australia and want to send an invitation to someone in the states..the current settings will send the timezone thats default for the invitation...........i think the ability to set a timezone or multiple timezones of choice for invitations is important...................but definetly if there is a setting to recieve email notifications of classes for the day could someone let me know?.....because at the moment iam having to use google calender for this and it would be nice to have eveything in one app.....thanks

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          First, as to the calendaring issue, you are doing this in the best way possible. This may change with Connect 9, but that is hearsay at this point. So, unfortunately, a calendar external to Connect with links to the class that will be in use is the best way to achive the notifications or reminders that you are looking for.


          Second, for the time zone question, the event will show in the time zone for the user(s) accessing it. Since your Connect ID is set to your local time zone, when you create an event it puts it in that time zone. If people then use the events module to register, the system will send them an invite with an ical attachment, if you leave it on, that should associate to the correct time zone on their local calendar. One relatively simple solution is to edit the text on the confirmation email to list the equivalent time for multiple time zones across the world.


          For Example:


          Time of class: 8P AEST (GMT + 10), 10A GMT, 6A EDT (GMT -4)


          This way people can associate their time zone to the appropriate time for the class.