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    RTL in Guide?

    Muhammad Ali Rizvi

      I am trying to create a Guide for Arabic audience.

      I didn't have any issue in adding Arabic text content in it.

      But I am struggling to find out how to make the layout Right-to-Left instead of the default Left-to-Right.


      I have seen that in Flash Builder there is a property called 'direction' with options ltr and rtl.

      But in Workbench Guide Design or Data Model Design View I didn't find any such option.


      There was an old article about customizing Data Model in Flash Builder, but that was in ActionScript, and seemed incompatible too. I don't know how to edit the 'direction' property in ActionScript. It appears in the MXML and design view of Flash Builder.


      So, can anyone help me find a way to have Right-to-Left layout in a Guide, or a way to customize it in Flash Builder to achieve this and import it back to Workbench for use?


      Thanks in advance.