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    complex Data Grid event handling

    Suzy1212 Level 1

      Hi all,

      ur answe will be very well appreciated.

      i have a datagrid with 2 cols, 1st col is an editable text field and on double clicking it should open a pop-up and the set the value from the pop-up into the data cell. the 2nd col is a drop down. I have done this part...now the complex part. Whenever i change anything in a data cell and only when I click elsewhere(another data cell or ok button at the bottom of the grid) an event needs to be fired to check if the value entered in the cell is valid or not.

      The issue here is that i have tried using itemeditendhandler and itemclick handlers but i am not able to capture the exact value when the cell is edited and user clicks elsewhere. Itemeditendhandler gets called 2-3 times in the process..

      can ne1 help me plzzzzz...