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    Pdf Documents


      Adobe Digital Editions seems to be the default viewer, when I tried to open a pdf document Digital automatically opens, I would like to open my documents in Adobe Reader and only my ebooks in Digital - how do I change this.

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          If you're using Windows on a PC, you can right-click on the document and a

          drop-down menu will open.  Pick the 'Open With' entry, and you'll see

          another drop-down menu that has programs listed.  Pick Adobe Reader from

          that menu.



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            EJK2403 Level 1

            It only says "open" and not "open with".  The problem is also that some are encrypted and when you opened and entered your code it automatically opens with Digital which means you cannot save it or print it to a bullzip printer, I need to get Reader as the default cause the ebooks automatically download to Digital so you do not have the problem there.

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              I see....  I believe that this 'issue' may be a manifestation of the way the

              publisher has set the digital rights to the ebook.  Publishers can specify

              encryption, along with whether or not you can copy or print an ebook.  When

              that happens, Reader won't be an option to use.  ADE doesn't have really

              good messages, so I would not be surprised if that's what's happening.



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                Does this mean that I will have to uninstall Digital to be able to open my encrypted statements and print them as PDF documents.

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                  I don't know.  If you have Adobe Reader installed, and can locate the

                  documents themselves on your computer, you can try to open Reader, and then

                  go find the document via its Browse function and see if Reader will open