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    How to debug TypeErrors when recieving RemoteObject responses?




      I am trying to track down some errors that are driving me crazy.


      I am using Flex4 which is communicating with BlazeDS (set to use legacy connections (Array Instead of ArrayCollection for performance-reasons)).


      When using my application I am seeing TypeErrors in my console. Strangely the application seems to work without any problems. Even if I remove the response class-definitions from my project and hereby make Flex use Object instead, I am getting these errors. So how can I find out where these errors are comming from? They seem to be thrown somwhere between recieving the response from the server and calling the RemoteObject callback function. Unfortunately I have no idea where it is thrown.


      [trace] TypeError: Error #1034: Typumwandlung fehlgeschlagen: mx.collections::ArrayCollection@2ac8b601 kann nicht in Array umgewandelt werden.


      Any help is greatly appreciated,