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    Can I have a dedicated external monitor in Premiere CS5/CS5.5 using two nVidia GPUs?


      Hi there one and all.

      I have a new Windows 7 64bit system and I am trying to work out if I can use my 2nd graphics card in a way to give me a dedicated external monitor output when using Premiere CS5.5? (and After Effects too if thats possible???)

      My cards I have are the nVidia MSI GTX 470 and I have the choice of either my old nVidia 8800GT or old nVidia Quadro FX3700.


      I can hook up 4 monitors as a desktop no problem, but I do not know if or how it is possible to display my Premiere timeline on the external monitor as a dedicated connection? If not do I maybe need something like the Black Magic Intensity/Shuttle card or Matrox Mini?


      Any help would be very greatly appreciated.


      Thanks - Bradley