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    Question concerning Selecting and Deselecting Toggle Buttons


      Hello Everyone,

      I am still relatively new to the adobe web suite (still in the trial period in fact). I am working on creating a mock-up of a main web page design to demonstrate and discuss with management. The decision associated with such would determine if we go forward with purchasing adobe products, continuing a redesign of our website among many other things.


      The big issue that I am running into at the moment is creating a series of interactive thumbnails.

      I have the following set up on the page:


      - A section for the actual image (full sized) complete with a title and description provided at the side for one of potentially many topics.

      - Below the topic/image section is a series of thumbnails, which the first one is set for full opacity and marked as selected. (All of these thumbnails are in a Custom Component and break down into a Toggle Button component each, if the image is unselected it remains set at a low opacity)

      - When selecting one of the other thumbnails, I need it to change the image (this part works), select/set the thumbnail to full opacity (this part works as well, given it is a toggle button feature), and lastly unselect the previous thumbnail (causing it to go to a lower opacity, I cannot figure out a way to accomplish this one)

      - In the future I intend to design side bars (left and right) for both thumbnails and the section above (effectively changing the topic to a new one)


      The ultimate idea is to create articles, provided with thumbnails associated to the article at the bottom and to allow clean alternation between the thumbnails, and likewise be able to switch to a new article (with a new set of thumbnails associated to the new article) as well.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.