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    ü in RH 8 WebHelp replaced with ü




      I am working with a German language project. When I generate WebHelp, the umlaut-ed characters display and work fine. When I publish the WebHelp to our server, URLs that include umlaut-ed characters are broken because they are replaced with ü.


      I'm using RoboHelp 8, the latest update, with Windows XP. The server uses TomCat 5.5.


      Thanks for any suggestions. I apologize if this is a duplicate topic, I did not find any relevant matches when searching with Google.



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          robert-sfl Level 1


          I have encountered exactly the same problem, evidently it is a coding error. The topics generated by RoboHelp 9 are correctly UTF-8 coded. Can this be a problem of the server application? Have you found a solution?



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            Mike1813 Level 1

            Hi Robert,


            It appears to be a server issue - I think it is related to an older

            version of Apache web server, but can't prove it. It was not fixed -

            here's what I had to do:


               - Remove all umlaat characters from directory paths by modifying

            folder names and RH book names as required.

               - Rename the German version of the Related Topics button so  the code

            for related topics does not include an umlaat character.

               - Then I am stuck with manually replacing the image for the Related

            topics button with a button that uses the correctly-written German for

            Related Topics every time I regenerate the help systems for deployment!


            Hope that helps, but expect you've already figured out the workaround.

            Sorry for the delay.


            I think if I had access to server resources, I would try upgrading to a

            recent version of Apache server.



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              robert-sfl Level 1



              thanks for the feedback, yes we settled on manually removing umlauts in

              filenames too.