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    Assigning css rules in multiple elemenets

    JimVag1947 Level 1

      I have copied text from word into to Dw.


      This test has many headings in which i wish ti apply the same css rule which is found in a css file to which i have make a link in the

      head of the html in which i have copied the text mentioned.


      Thw procedure i follow is the following:


      I select the heading text in question and i go to format>css styles>select the desired rule.


      The above is very tedious sine i have to do it for every heading text i want and there are a lot of them in the copied text.


      Is there any way i can do my job faster that this?


      I tried to use a combination of kets(ctrl+shift etc) to make multiple selections but i could not.


      So, saying it in a different way also, is there i way i can make multiple selections-non continious- of text in Dw?