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    InDesign CS4 periodic freezing

    Nate Kondrick

      I have a copy of InDesign CS4 that is freezing up and requires a force quit somewhere between 2-6 times a day.  The computer is running Mac OS X 10.6.8 with all updates.  It has CS4 Design Premium installed, with all updates.


      The error message that shows up in the logs is:

      Adobe.InDesign[38317] 15:57:24: Error: Failed to monitor I/O channels (error 22: Invalid argument)

      this repeats hundreds of times a second when InDesign freezes.

      It only appears to effect InDesign, everything else works fine.


      My google skills might be failing me, searching for this error turned up zero results.


      What I've tried so far:

      Cleaned up the fonts (there were around 5000, several damaged and a ton of duplicates, all managed directly in Font Book.  It's down to about 2500 fonts, all cleaned up and being managed in Suitcase Fusion 3 now)

      Cleaned font caches

      repaired permissions

      Disk Verification comes out OK

      found some InDesign plugin that is only 32-bit compatible, installed the 64-bit one that adobe offers for download.

      uninstalled CS4 and reinstalled

      ran CS4 cleanup script and reinstalled


      There are no other versions of the adobe software installed

      The only 3rd party plugin installed was Q2ID, now Suitcase Fusion is also installed.

      The computer is only running Office 2008 and firefox besides what is mentioned and the basic, bundled apple apps.


      Any suggestions?