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    Free batch video convert tool?


      Hi. I've been going through the forums looking for a video tool to convert clips to a format that is very editable in Premiere CS5. Any advice would be most welcome. I've downloaded about ten tools so far, some better, some crashing, some producing results but one file at a time or so.


      My requirements wishes for the video tool are:

      - free

      - batch processing

      - keep most of the original filenames

      - some ease of use would be nice (batch scripting VLC was beyond my skills)


      Example scenario: I have 75 .mov (quicktime, h.264, 848x400) clips that are fairly short (~20sec.) shot with a cheap pocket sized camera. Premiere runs into problems when inserting that many clips into a timeline. Uncompressed dv-avi seem like a good format for editing. Perhaps some other format might work as well, just as long as it's editable and no noticeable loss of quality in the conversion. Occasionally some longer clips tend to create 4+ gigabyte avi files, which seem rather large and thus inconvenient. My environment: win7 64bit, 16gb ram, intel 6 core cpu, decent graphics card, couple of terabytes HD space.


      I'm pretty novice when it comes to video conversions so feel free to provide detailed advice. I haven't had too much luck googling.