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    extracting data from a pdf form

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      livecycle es2, workbench 9.0


      I'm new to workbench and have a problem extracting data from a pdf form submitted to a short lived process.


      I have set up the following very simple process :

      default startpoint >  ProcessForm > exportData > set value > set value > Write Document


      The intention is to update the document and write it to disk. So far, each step works except for the 'export data' where I cannot get the pdf to extract to xml.


      The Input to the 'export data' step is a variable (myDoc), Data Type: Document,  created from the incoming PDF form.


      If I write out myDoc it is an exact copy of the incoming document, so I guess the start and finish steps of of the process are OK.


      The incoming (PDF) form I was given had no data schema, but  I thought I could access the form data by exporting to an xml variable....

        Service : FormDataIntegration  / exportData


      input (PDF Document)    variable : myDoc

        output(Data extracted)     variable : myXMLData


      Then in the next step (set value) access the xml element I am after ..



      Location:  /process_data/@groupId      Expression: /process_data/myXMLData/xdp/datasets/data/form1/mainPage/groupId


      This is did not work, so I got the incoming form, exported the form data to an xml file,  and created a schema using  Stylus Studio. I then imported that into the myXMLdata definition. ( BTW - Do I need to specify the root node after importing it ? )


      Still not working !


      Extra info : The XML view of my incoming  form shows I have a minimal dataset definition- is this OK ??

      <connectionSet xmlns="http://www.xfa.org/schema/xfa-connection-set/2.8/">
         <?originalXFAVersion http://www.xfa.org/schema/xfa-connection-set/2.4/?></connectionSet>
      <xfa:datasets xmlns:xfa="http://www.xfa.org/schema/xfa-data/1.0/">
         <xfa:data xfa:dataNode="dataGroup"/>


      The schema created by stylus studio has none of the xfdf, xfa settings I have seen on other schemas - is this OK ?


      Any help to get this fixed greatly appreciated