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    Datagrid or "Table" Solution - Anyone ?




      Is there a datagrid/"table" solution with reasonable performance for mobile devices ?

      I know some people use datagroups or custom item-renderers for the List component.

      Can anyone point me in the right direction (i.e. links to some examples) so i dont have to invent the wheel again ?


      Background: One of my clients is currently deciding if they use html/javascript or flex to develop a prototype of a mobile financial tool (for Tablets).

      In the moment the "missing" datagrid is really a setback for my arguments towards flex.



      - Andreas

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          Don Kerr Level 3

          I'm using the spark DataGrid in my mobile tablet apps.  Performance is very good, for my use cases.  I'd suggest giving it a try, even though it is not yet "optimized" for moblle, you can still use it.



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            QuadWord Level 1

            Thanks for your answer,


            Already did some tests but the performance was horrible. scrolling a 100x5 cell grid is way to choppy and moving the whole component is also really slow.

            Additionally in some cases the software will show a list next to a datagrid. Its kind of conspicuous if the 500 item "List" is working well next to a 20 item choppy "Datagrid".


            In case you are wondering about the "moving" part:

            The (planned) software GUI provides support for "windowed" panels which are dragable & resizeable. If you tap them they "zoom" for better touch usability.

            Currently this is working really fast with all the mobile-optimized components but dragging a skinable container including a spark datagrid is way to slow.


            ... but the real issue is the datagrid scrolling performance.


            - Andreas

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              Don Kerr Level 3

              Interesting.  I haven't seen any performance issues with spark DataGrid scrolling.  But, it wouldn't surprise me.  Environments (versions, devices,cpu, use cases,etc.) can vary a lot.


              What I was amazed at last year was James Ward's performance test with 20,000 rows in a Flex DataGrid on mobile here ...



              His scrolling and sorting looked fast.... AND ironically, he is using a mx:DataGrid


              For fun, you might give his code a chance if spark isn't cutting it for you.


              I have turned a List into what looks like a dataGrid, using an HGroup inside the itemRenderer.  But, of course that isn't the same. You lose sort, and all the other grid bells.  But, it worked for me at the time for what I needed since I didn't need column sort.


              Adobe ... we really need a mobile optimized spark dataGrid!!  Hope it is top on your list.



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                Flex harUI Adobe Employee

                We are working on it.  I have a Spark List-based DataGrid example on my

                blog, complete with column sort, but I wouldn't expect it to scroll that

                much better, especially if you are using custom renderers.

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                  QuadWord Level 1



                  Do you have a link to the List-based DataGrid ?

                  I would give it a try.


                  Also: "We are working on it." is something i can work with :-)



                  - QuadWord

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                    kokorito Level 4

                    The Tour de Flex mobile app uses a datagrid in the AMF example and works fine. Text is a little small maybe but scrolls smooth enough

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                      QuadWord Level 1

                      Just to let you know: I will use the Spark Datagrid for now.

                      The Performance is a little bit sluggish but it will work for my iPad/Android Prototype.

                      Also setting cachAsBitmap=true works wonders if you want to drag&drop the whole component.


                      Thank you all for your Help.

                      - QuadWord