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    Coming to Premiere Elements 9 From Sony Vegas movie studio 10

    Try'n this out

      So i've been using Sony Vegas movie studio 10 and the newest 11 on my PC. I just got a new iMac and want to start using the mac for videos because its a faster and stronger computer.. Now i only make videos for youtube and its mostly music videos so i dont feel like i need to spend 300$ on final cut pro x just to make 4 minute long music videos, but i will buy it if i cant get what i need from Premiere Elements 9. most of my videos i use about 4- 7 video tracks and 1-3 text tracks, and 1 audio track for the song of the video i'm making..


      So here is the issue(s) :


      In sony vegas movie studio 10 i have the option to add an effect to the whole track (the effect button was right next to the volume and panning buttons on the track) and i can also add an effect to just a piece by splitting the track ( in 2 splits or 100 splits etc.) each split piece of the track will have the same "effects" button on it so that i can add effects to just that piece. So i would add color correction the whole track and then when i split it in places i can add different effects that i dont want on the "whole" track to selected pieces of the splits... HOW do you do this in Premiere Elements 9?


      Also in Sony vegas movie studio 10 (and imovie) you have gradients that you can apply to the track ( my favorite is the warm gradient, and the cool gradient, that gives the video a smooth yellowish feel or the cool blueish feel) i dont see any of these  options in Premiere elements 9... Does it have gradients? and if so where?


      And also in Sony Vegas movie studio you can controll the "over all" amount of the effect with 1 slider, it seems in pe9 that you dont have an "over all" effect controll.. or do you?


      I use photoshop ALOT and i like Adobe as a company and their programs.. And i want to use PE9 on my mac and beable to create the same type of effects with PE9 as i was with sony vegas movie studio 10,but it seems to me at this point (i'm using the demo of PE9) that sony vegas movie studio offers more effects than PE9 and more controll?? because right now its either i learn a new program, or i have to spend another 1000$ on a new PC just to make videos with a program that offers what i need.. so i really hope you guys could answer the few questions i posted.. i would really appreciate it!


      And im aware that there will be a learning curve, and as long as i can have the tools and effects needed i'm more than willing to learn!!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          The direct ability to apply an Effect to a Track, and everything in it, does not exist in PrE. However, it does in PrPro. In that program, and depending on what you wish to do, you would Nest one Sequence (think mini-Projects inside one "master" Project - each seen as a unique Timeline), and then apply the desired Effect to that Nested Sequence. For Audio, you can add many Audio Effects to the Track in Audio Mixer.


          The closest that I can think of, to do similar in PrE is to apply the desired Effect to one Clip, and then adjust it, as desired. Rt-Click on that Clip, and choose Copy. Now, just drag the cursor around all other Clips, Rt-Click and choose Paste Attributes, to apply that Effect w/ its settings to all Selected Clips.


          As for the altering all Effects % with one slider, I do not know of any way to do that directly. One workaround would be to Duplicate the Clips on a Video Track, apply the Effects, as desired, and then adjust their Opacity down, to diminish the effect of the Effects.


          I'll have to play around with the Gradient, and see what is in PrE, that would get you what you want, or close to it. One, slightly kludgy way would be to create a Title, and then add a Full-Frame Shape. Choose a Style with a Gradient Fill, and adjust it, as necessary. Place that on a higher Video Track, and adjust its Opacity down to suit. One could also do the same in PS, with the Gradient Tool (lots of control) on a Transparent Background, then Import the PSD from PS into PrE, where you would do the same thing. PrPro takes things to a new level (more like PS), in that it offers Blending Modes for Clips on the higher-level Tracks. I'll be back with a few more suggestions, and hopefully one that is a bit more direct.


          Good luck,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Bill is right. It's not that you have more "control" in one program or the other. They're just different.


            I've written books and created tutorials for both programs, and one is cleary not superior over the other. They each have advantages and different approaches to similar functions.


            If you'd like a good test drive of Premiere Elements, have a look at the 8-part Basic Training tutorials I created for videomaker support site Muvipix.com.


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              Try'n this out Level 1

              Thanks guys for your fast and great feedback!! I didnt mean to come off as if Sony was better, rather i'm just used to that program.. Upon your answers im going to continue to work with this demo and get the know the program a little more...

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                the_wine_snob Level 9
                I didnt mean to come off as if Sony was better, rather i'm just used to that program.






                That was not how your post came across to me. You have used features that might not exist directly in PrE, and were just asking if they were available. At least that is how I took it.


                Years ago, I switched from Pinnacle Studio to AVID Liquid, and had similar questions - how do I do X in AVID - it was done this way ____ in Pinnacle?


                Then, when I moved from AVID to PrPro, I once again, had some of the same questions.


                Later, I added PrE, though I still use PrPro most often, and pestered poor Steve, and many others with, "OK, I know how to do this in PrPro, but how do I do it in PrE?" They were kind, patient and very helpful.


                I greatly appreciated all the help that various forum members provided me - saying that the two Adobe forums were by far the best.


                Good luck, and other than the workflow that I mentioned on the Gradient, which I do not like, I have yet to find a way to do it natively in PrE. I am looking at some plug-ins, to see if there is an easy add-on, that will get you exactly what you want.




                [Edit] New BlueFX has something called Gradient Tint, that looks promising.