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    What are the Benefits of RAID?

    wolverine.ks Level 1

      So i've read everywhere that RAID is what the big dogs use, but since I'm pretty happy with my current setup, I was curious as to what benefits I might see if I implemented an array. My setup is as follows:


      c: OS, Programs, Page Files - WD 10,000 RPM

      d: Previews, Media Cache, Exports - Hitachi - 7,200 RPM

      e: Media, Projects - Hitachi 7,200 RPM

      f: Other


      CPU - i5 2500k

      MB - P8Z68

      GFX - Radeon HD 4890


      I typically edit (2-4) multicamera 1920x1080 AVCHD, AVI, and MPEG, and output to both HD (H.264 BD) and SD (MPEG DVD).


      I don't typically see any stuttering when playing 4 HD videos in multicamera mode.

      Importing, Indexing and Conforming sometimes take a long time. I guess scrubbing could be smoother too.


      I typically work on 1 project at a time, but keep 5-10 projects stored locally until I'm sure I don't need them anymore.

      I'll keep a disc image and the menus, and delete the rest. Disc space is usually not an issue.