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    file format not supported



      Appologies if I have posted in the wrong place. Appart from my initial premierepro problem this forum has certainly not been the easiest to navigate to find a way to post my query. Reading about PPro not opening files  sounds a similar problem for me. I have recently bought a copy of PremierePro Classroom in a book and canot get any of the lesson files to open. Getting a dialog box stating file format not supported. I contacted Adobe press three times before they could offer any assisitance. They informed me they had replaced the lesson files on their site however I was less convinced they would be any better and once i tried the first lesson file again it also is not able to open in PPro CS5. I still get the same message :File format not supported. I have been less than satisfied with technical support feedback so now I hope I can get some help from this forum. Thanks for the time.


      ps: is there a way to get the cursor to show itself while typing queries on this forum. Im amazed my post is readable at all!!!


      Regards clint williams

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          We need to know a lot more if we're going to help you.


          What exact version of Premiere Pro? Have you installed the recent updates? What operating system? What kind(s) of source footage? Can you import other files? What is the exact text of the error message?

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            aliisvorbach Level 1

            Hello Todd,


            I have CS5 PremierePro as part of my Master collection. It is version 5.0.4. I have CS5.5 bonus content that came with the book which I no nothing about at this stage. Is that part of an update? Anyway I have only recently had all updates so the current version as above is what I have installed. I am running on imac i5 with mac osx10.6.8 snow leopard. I can import and use .mov files fine which is all I have tried so far. It just does not recognise the prproj files that came with the book. Adobe press have replaced all these premierepro files on the 12/8/11 however they still do not open with premiere.I get the message file format not supported and all that shows up on the monitor is media offline .

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Do you have the full set of HD Presets, and also the HD Export options, or only a small, limited sub-set, excluding about anything MPEG related?


              It sounds like you might have been bitten by the Revert to Trial Bug, and if so, see this ARTICLE.


              Good luck, and please report your success.



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                Bliksem7 Level 1

                I continue to be plagued by the "file format not supported" Text box and while Todd's suggestion of clicking the project file to open up Premiere Pro seems to work I am not satisfied with this as a workaround on my considerable investment. Why do I receive this message when it is a PremPro project file I am trying to open up? After clicking OK then PremPro opens up another "search box" but i note that it is searching for a particular file and which might have no association to the media contained or linked to the project file. This box has various buttons the Open button is greyed out. When clicking cancel it might actually open up the desired project or simply repeat the exercise of showing me the search box. I have listed another thread in relation to Smartsound plugin which has Frank scratching his head indicating that he has not encountered this problem previously. I am wondering if PremPro is creating the anomaly?

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                  aliisvorbach Level 1

                  Hi Todd,


                  Well it seems I have managed to find what was wrong. It appears the lessons project files were not able to find the media or link to this for some reason. When  I located the media files which were missing or not linking for some reason, mpegs mpeg3 and such which I discovered were in the assets folder I was able to get the projects open. As a first time user of this program maybe it was an amatuers mistake or should the files have opened with the associated media without me having to find them and install them manually? Thanks for your help and time.



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                    Colin Brougham Level 6

                    File paths in a Premiere Pro project are stored as absolute paths, e.g. E:\Project\Footage\Clip.avi. If the path to the file, once you've copied it to your hard drive, doesn't match the path as saved in the project file, you'll get the offline media warning. After you relink the media and save the project, the paths should be all updated in the project file.


                    Bottom line is that it's one of those things that will bite you once or twice, but then you'll be aware of what's going on and why the files go offline. Typically, when you relink one file in a path, the other files that are stored relatively to that file will be all automatically relinked--it shouldn't be a one-by-one process.

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                      aliisvorbach Level 1

                      Hi colin,


                      Yes I realize this now. I had a vague idea that may have been the problem and it reminded me of After effects working in a similar way, where if all the associated media used within a project is saved to a particular location and then that location changes or gets transfered to a USB Drive the program has to be retold where to find these again. Still Premiere did behave a little differently in this respect so I thought it must be something else that was wrong.

                      I am still new to most of the Adobe stuff but having a little experience with Flash I liked how that program actually saves all your files within a saved project or the library panel and you never need worry about missing links etc. or am I understanding this wrong but I know Flash works a bit different here. Maybe its a memory thing that it would take up too much space to store the actual files/media and so only the links to files are used within the program instead I am not sure. Now It is a matter of understanding the best way to work with Premierepro files etc that I use for each project. Does anyone here have good working proceedures they use or adopt for this to keep files together. Is there a best way?

                      Ps: BTW The problem was drawn to my attention when my tutor discovered when he observed the very small message in grey that was displayed "Where is file ....." which prompted him to look in the assets folder where the missing media was found.


                      I wonder if this is also related to bliksems problem?


                      Than u everyone for the help.



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                        Bliksem7 Level 1

                        I've noticed that I have received the error message "file format not supported" when I haven't physically changed file paths. Even when I have been able to open a problematic project and saved it again when go to open up I have to go through the same error/search screens and eventually pressing the cancel button on the text box seems to bring up the project? The other thing I have noted in the Media Browser tab of the sequence panel is that I have a number of references to the external drive attached to my macbook. There are 7 references to my hardrive. Why is there not just one. It seems to have stopped at 7. And you might say well the file path has changed but it has stayed on this reference for the past few days so there is no change there after i have saved a project. So the media browser seems to have duplicated references to attached harddrives but when i click on the down arrow next to the hardrive reference of course there is no reference to the content of that drive because they might not be physically attached to the macbookpro. Why is this happening? and could this somehow be responsible for what I am experiencing?How do I stop it from occurring?

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9



                          I always create a Project foler, [Project name], as either a root folder, or perhaps in a Client's folder hierarchy.


                          Below this [Project Name] folder, I create Video, Audio, Music, Titles, Stills, etc., and Copy my Assets from my NAS to that folder structure. Everything is together, so when I am finished with the Project, I just Delete the [Project Name] folder, and everything goes with it - no running around the system, trying to remember where I grabbed things from. Also, all originals (Captures from miniDV tape are an exception, as I save the tapes) are safely tucked away.


                          Good luck,



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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            I do not know how a Mac handles drive letters, but in Windows, if you do not take measures to counter this, when one boots, plug-in, or turns on external HDD's, the OS assigns a drive letter. This can change, and often does, depending on the order of things being turned on, or plugged-in. On Windows, the cure is to go into the OS, and assign a unique drive letter, so that if I plug in my Z:\ external, it will always be seen as Z:\. Same for all of my other externals. I do this in the OS of each computer, that the drive is likely to be used on. I have no idea if any of that applies to the Mac OS, and my info might be pointless on the Mac.


                            Good luck,



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                              Bliksem7 Level 1

                              Bill the Mac sees the external drive attached via firewire as a single

                              drive. It does not make multiple references to it. Premiere pro via the

                              Media Browser tab appears to be responsible for the multiple references

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                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                Thank you for that info. I seemed to recall that drive letters are never an issue on a Mac, but barely know how to turn one on. Scratch that idea.


                                I appreciate the confirmation,



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                                  Bliksem7 Level 1

                                  Gday Bill I just had to reply to you that I got it horribly wrong thinking Adobe was creating multiple references to my external HD - it was the Mac OS. Interestingly this has just occurred for me in recent time - since I had Premiere Pro plugged in but never-the-less it appears to be a problem identified by others on the Mac. The solution: Open Disk Utilities, select the problem disk, unmount it, then go to the Finder> Go to Folder> type in "/Volumes/" without the inverted commas. You will be provided a list with all the disks referenced there. Delete all the references>return to Disk Utilities> Mount disk.

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                                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                                    Thank you for that update.


                                    Good luck,



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                                      Bob Dix Photographer Level 2

                                      Well the old version of PP was simpler and better than this lot, but, it will not help you. Good luck, if Bill and Harm can't help you nobody can, it would appear Adobe Techs may be off with the fairies . If you are smart enough you will work it out before they get back to you. The techs are not as clever as the designers of the system.


                                      Eventually they will get this right

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                                        aliisvorbach Level 1

                                        Hello bill,

                                        thanks for the advice but what is NAS ? i could possibly figure it out given enough time in my life but another accrynom has just thrown me.

                                        Cheers all the same.