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    How to implement animation effection when page opening?

      I have seen some Flash page, when you open it, at first, it shows an animation first, and then show up the real page.

      I would like do my Flex page like this. When open the page, it shows the big company logo, and it is going to shrink and move to left corner (where is the location of logo display on real page), and in same time, the real page come out. Or, the real page already in there, the big logo on top of it, and it shrink to small and move the logo location.

      I know Flex have some effection, but I don’t know which one I can use. And I don’t know how can I make it work when the page opening. Or, I need use a swf file show the animation, and bind the swf file on the flex code?

      Any idea will be great help. Thanks.