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    DPX Export Settings

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      I've worked with footage from (I think) a Canon Mak II. Now the client wants a DPX Sequence as delivery format. AE "only" exports 10bit DPX sequences or am I wrong? Because I've seen that you can choose 12 or 16bit dpx in Nuke.


      I've worked in srgb linear workspace. But what are the settings I have to choose in the cineon output modul? full range, over range or even video? How about Logarithmic Conversion? What do I have to coose in the digits settings (I enabled 32bit in the workspace befor the export)?


      I've exported with different settings but I don't think that I've used the proper one so far. Also when bringing the sequence into PP after choosing the exact same settings - in the interpret footage menu- I've used in AE the footage shows up slightly different (I think it's always darker). Is this due to the fact that I've used the linearized settings in AE? I've heard that the color managment in AE and PP are different.


      Can I check dpx sequences in Photoshop? Which settings do I have to enable to get the right representation?


      I've never worked with dpx Sequences so far so I'm thankful for your help.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First of all you need to get the exact specs your client wants. The nice thing about dpx files is the lossless compression and color space. The bad thing about them is that you can completely screw up the output settings rendering the files unusable. You also need to be working in at least 16bit color, but you should be working in 32bit. There's a couple of resources for color management, but job 1 is to get the specs from your client. Then your colorspace will match theirs and all will be good.


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            PFuerst Level 2

            Thanks Rick for your quick response.

            The video is for distribution on you-tube. I've worked in srgb with 16bit for speed purposes and switched to 32bit for output. I think they are putting the pieces together in final cut. What are the specs I have to ask for?


            As mentioned everytime I want to check it back in PP when choosing the same settings it looks different


            I just want it to look the same way I have it in AE

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If you have to be careful switching to 32 bit mode. Blend modes, motion blur, and a bunch of effects look radically different in 32bit.


              Color management is the key. You need to know the color management settings that will be used through the production cycle and make sure that you match it in AE, PPro and FCP.


              Maybe this will get you started. There's also some basic info in the help files under color management.

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                PFuerst Level 2

                Yeah I'm aware of that. I switched from 16 to 32 from time to time but in this cases the difference isn't huge. Due to the fact that the product will be shown on youtube I used the srgb workspace (A lot of well known people prefer it over the hdtv one so this should be fine)


                But what about all those cineon output settings? Can FCP deal with over range images? Or isn't it necessary in my case because the original footage was 8bit?


                I'm really confused why PP doesn't show it the same way AE does even tough I use the same settings. My gues is that is because of the linear colorspace option. I have encountered this problems severall times. Every time I Dl between AE and PP and use a linear workspace the image gets darker when checking back in PP

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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  The gamma shift depends on the codec and the system. What kind of system are you using? Where are you seeing this big difference? Is it with the DPX files?

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                    PFuerst Level 2

                    hey, sorry I had very little time to answer in the last few days.

                    I'm using a windows cs 5.5 version. I noticed the gama shift with material from my Sony Ex 3, some randome movs and even with images. And now with the dpx sequences. It always apears when switching to the linear workspace in AE (I just checked it back). Every footage item appears darker when going back to PP.


                    I've exported one DPX Seq. (full range but set the gamma value to 1.7 and enabled logarithmic conversion) and after bringing the Seq. into PP and changing the settings to match exactly the ones in AE the right settings looked wrong. I then switched the settings niside PP to full range but set the gamma setting back to 1.0 and everything looked better. That's so strange.


                    I soon have to export the dpx Seq with the right settings, so it would be nice if you could help me with it.