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    How can I stop streaming of a sound?


      after asking in another Forum without getting an answer, I'm now posting here:

      I have a Sound var and some buttons (mc's with eventhandlers) on the stage.
      I have an array including URLs of some mp3 files.
      For every mp3 there is one button.

      When a button is pressed, a "loadSound" starts with the URL of the pressed button. (streaming is on)

      Now I tried the whole thing with the Bandwithprofiler, where You see the streaming and its process.

      When I hit one button twice (or more, the number doesn't matter) the swf streams the SAME soundfile twice!
      This is not very good, becaus if someone hit the button a hundred times, the performance would become very low.

      So how can i get rid of this multiple streaming of sounds?

      One answer I already got, was to load a soundfile that doesn't exist what should kill the streaming process, but this didn't work.

      sorry for my bad English, I hope you understood it.