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    RoboHelp 9 Master Pages


      My project is upgraded from RoboHelp 7 to RoboHelp 9


      I found that when i preview topic, my header / footer images cannot be display, it is empty space, text is fine, whichever text inside a master pages can be display, only the header / footer images cannot be display


      I am using master pages (previously template in RoboHelp 7)

      I generate the chm file, it does not display the images for header / footer as well


      This RoboHelp 9 is so much troublesome, anyone can give some help here


      When i create new Master Pages, the body text in as below:-


      This is Body Placeholder text for your Master Page. Topics created using this Master

      Page will get this text by default. Replace text of this Body Placeholder with your

      default content for topics.


      "Area outside this Body Placeholder represents the layout of the Master Page which

      will not be shown in the associated topics but will be present in the output."


      TheBody Placeholder content will be replaced by actual topic content in the output.

      Use Master Page to define the layout of your topic in the output.



      For the text in double quote, my header / footer is outside the Body Placeholder, what it mean by will be present in the output? after generate the chm file?

      I do not see my header / footer images eventhough i generate the chm file and open it

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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          Since the text in your header and footer is fine, this suggests that your images are missing or that the path to your images is incorrect.


          When you preview a topic from within RoboHelp, do you see the images? Can you confirm that the images are present in your output? Try generating to WebHelp and check that you have the same results as in your CHM.





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            Hi, I have a similar problem after having updated from RH8 to RH9:


            When generating the chm file, the logo in the header is not displayed. Both the logo-file and the hht-file is present in the project folder. Then I noticed the hht-file is not displayed in  Project Set-up pod, and thougt this could be the problem. Then I tried to import the hht-file as a master page, but was not allowed to do this.


            My temporary and very time consuming solution is to select all topics in the topic list, right-click and then select Properties, and then browse to the hht-file. I have to do this every time I re-open this help project. RH seems to forget the path.


            Does anyone have a suggestion on what to do?