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    CS5 plagued with many bugs in Lion


      * Palettes are sometimes missing title bars, frames, toolbars

      * Making any change to a file may result in a beachball followed by a crash

      * Unreliable creation of recovered files when crashing

      * Color picker sometimes breaks -- application will not reliably reflect eyedropper selection

      * Glitchy behavior of common library objects -- text does not properly center on mac os button library objects, etc.

      * Something will trigger high CPU usage and cannot be undone even when all open files have been closed -- application must be quit and restarted

      * Optimize palette settings sometimes get stuck and cannot be changed.

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          Dominic Michael Adobe Employee

          Please check your private message.

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            liberalart Level 1

            I'm seeing these problems as well. Fireworks is driving me nuts and I'm about through with it. It doesn't seem to matter if it's a small not-so-complex page on a freshly restarted box or a bunch of complex pages, and god help you if you walk away with more than one document open and your mac goes to sleep because FW will certainly eat whatever you left unsaved when it wakes back up.


            That high CPU usage bug in particular is maddening. I've gotten into the habit of quitting fireworks before going to the bathroom or getting a drink because of how often I came back to a crash report.


            Should I just give up and use photoshop for web design despite having converted folks to fireworks since 2000? At least PS's user base is large enough Adobe won't completely abandon it. Is anything coming to make FW stable anytime soon? Because I can't keep losing and redoing work indefinitely…

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              Rob Miller

              I'm nearly at the point of giving up with Adobe now. I am not going to get a PC just to use Fireworks and Dreamweaver. Fireworks just doesn't work properly. Dreamweaver is so slow it is a joke. There are plenty of other programs out there for Mac.

              I'm a web designer/developer who is losing too much money now.... I have to work after all!

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                What is Lion?    Check files , by using file checker in the CS5 Dream weaver app.  I hope this helps.  Also try loading it on the free adobe server... and finally talk to your hosting company...You should be able to look at your files in your machine and match them to files on the server.  Goood luck.


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                  Same problem here. I've been a Fireworks user for a decade now, but now I'm officially done. My boss got sick of us losing work, so she switched the whole team to Omnigraffle. Thanks, Adobe. It was fun while it lasted.

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                    realbrick2 Level 1

                    By the way, you can get a refund. It's easy if you bought from Adobe directly. I just got mine. Maybe if enough people ask for their money back, they'll actually be motivated to fix it.


                    It's a shame how Adobe ruined a such great product. CS3 is the last good version: small, fast, and incredibly stable, and does almost everything CS5 does. (I don't use any of the features added since.)  Unfortunately, the color picker doesn't work in Lion, which I use constantly. And of course Adobe will never fix that. I'm hoping it's something Apple will fix, but the odds are overwhelmingly in favor of it being an Adobe bug.

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                      realbrick2 Level 1

                      I switched to Omnigraffle. It does about everything Fireworks does, and it's very stable. It's Mac only, though. I still prefer Fireworks, but obviously Adobe doesn't care about this product.

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                        Linda Nicholls Level 4

                        How can a graphing program like Omnigraffle replace graphics design software?

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                          liberalart Level 1

                          I have to agree, I now use Omnigraffle for my site maps as it's better suited to that than FW. But for design, only Photoshop has a broad enough toolset, it's just not as streamlined for web projects IMO.


                          I'm considering going back to Photoshop after 10+ years with FW simply because adobe can't screw the pooch on their flagship like they do over and over with FW which they clearly see as an unwanted stepchild from the MM marriage.


                          But I'm begging, please fix FW, it's currently maddening.

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                            realbrick2 Level 1

                            Hi, Linda. It depends on what you want to do. I'm a user experience

                            designer who primarily makes wireframes, not high-fidelity final art.

                            Nor do i use Fireworks for cutting up website elements.


                            Omnigraffle has the same kind of state management as Fireworks (it has

                            "canvases" which are pretty much the same as FW states - you can even

                            share certain layers across them as in FW). It actually has far better

                            management of your commonly used elements than FW. Omnigraffle is not

                            just for creating flowcharts. If you make wires and are fed up with

                            Adobe, get the free trial and see if it works for you. However, if you

                            use Fireworks as a substitute for Photoshop, or for cutting up

                            websites, then I wouldn't bother.


                            That said, I vastly prefer Fireworks. But it crashes literally every

                            single day - on old files and on brand new files - and its recovery

                            files usually are corrupt. So, sadly, I'm moving on.

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                              itsemb Level 1

                              I had such a spectacularly positive first experience with Adobe back in the 90's.  I wish I could say the same about the Adobe of today.  I get the feeling they are focused on profit rather than creating great products -- especially after the decision to quicky follow the CS5 suite with CS5.5 as a paid upgrade.  This allows them to largely abandon support for CS5 and gouge their customers for more money.


                              I would be delighted to find Adobe:


                              * Producing stable software that doesn't break under every update to the Mac OS

                              * Supporting their products in a timely fashion with updates that fix it when it's broken

                              * Innovating instead of creating buggy finance-driven bloatware that becomes complex for users to learn and impossible for Adobe to adequately maintain


                              Spending my day in Fireworks used to bring me great joy and I would advocate for the product with all my clients.  I don't believe I can advocate for the product at this time.  I would be delighted to see Adobe facing some competition in the marketplace.

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                                So that's it?  The Adobe Fireworks Image Editing panel just doesn't work anymore???  No fix, no solutions?  I just upgraded from 4 to 5, it worked for 2 days, now it's not working in cs5 either.  None of the panel options open.  Is it a Lion thing?


                                Frustrated!  Esther

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                                  I don't know why Adobe suite isn't ready for Lion, with it's last update cs5.5 it must include a little support for Lion, because developers preview was with much time of anticipation, i hope they fix many bugs and include support to Lion's new features Like, Fullscreen app, Autosave, Versions, etc.

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                                    Priyanka Adobe Employee

                                    Hi Esther,


                                    Is it possible for you to share a video of the panels not working? All the panels seem to be working fine for me, including the Image Editing option.




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                                      Priyanka Adobe Employee



                                      It would be great if you could share the steps which would help us reproduce the issue.

                                      Can you tell us the scenario that can be used to reproduce the crashes?

                                      Also, the optimize panel doesn't repond any time or is it for a specific optimization settings?




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                                        steve ofner

                                        One of the most common crashes is whenever fireworks is left open and the computer goes to sleep. Upon wakeup there is a "Fireworks has Crashed" message almost everytime. Size/complexity of Document doesn't seem to matter, but it is slightly less frequent if only one document is open.


                                        The rest as far as I can tell are seemingly random and I can usually spot patterns. Random crashes have been less frequent since I reenabled the  "fireworks-autobackup.app" that I'd stopped using during snow leopard. It seems saving more often mitigates some of the instability. But it really has been rather random except that it often seems to happen during some type related action... changing face, type size, grabbing a text box, etc.

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                                          Priyanka Adobe Employee

                                          Thanks, Steve

                                          I'll try the scenarios that you've mentioned and see if I can reproduce the same on Lion.

                                          Are you using Fireworks CS5/5.1?

                                          Did u encounter such issues on Snow Leopard?



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                                            estherwarda Level 1

                                            Hi Pri Herur,


                                            I'm sorry, I have no idea how to create a video, but I took a screen shot.  As you can see from the layer's panel below, the square is chosen.  when I go to try and make ANY changes at all in the upper right panel, they are dead.  You know how when no object is chosen and none of the pulldowns work?  It's the same thing, but even with an item chosen.  It's like the panel is frozen.  I've tried many different scenerios, but all are the same.  It's so frustrating.  There must be a solution somewhere???  no???


                                            I just excited that you took an interest.  If i can't find answers HERE, there is no where else to go.


                                            Thanks in advance..



                                            Screen Shot 2011-10-14 at 8.08.14 AM.jpg

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                                              RavelWolf Level 1

                                              To make a video you can download the Demo of ScreenFlow:



                                              Or open Quicktime and in menu File, click on Start new recording.


                                              Both ways are perfect to show everything on your Mac screen with video.

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                                                estherwarda Level 1

                                                Really???  Cool... I'll try it..  thanks, R

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                                                  itsemb Level 1



                                                  There don't appear to be any specific set of conditions that produce the bugs I've identified.  But I can tell you that they happen daily.  With that level of frequency I would suspect it's extremely easy for someone at Adobe to reproduce/encounter these bugs.  Is there noone there using Fireworks for internal Adobe projects?  I am guaranteed one or more crashes of Fireworks per day.  I have encountered problems while working in small, simple files as well as in large complex files.  My files typically have both pages and states.  I become anxious when opening more than one file at a time, even if it is a small bitmap.

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                                                    Priyanka Adobe Employee

                                                    Hi Esther,


                                                    I am trying to follow the steps that you have mentioned, but I'm not able to reproduce it.

                                                    Does it happen even after you refresh the panel? (When you minimize/expand the panel or close/open, the panel should be refreshed and the problem should be solved.)


                                                    Fireworks remembers the panels that were open in the previous session and opens all of those panels when you relaunch Fireworks. What you can try is close this panel and relaunch Fireworks. Now, open the panel and check if the panel is working. You can also try keeping only the panel that is causing the problem, close and relaunch FW. Try following the same steps, if the panel is not functioning then this might be the case that is causing this issue.



                                                    You can also try clearing the preferences and relaunch Fireworks.

                                                    The preferences are stored at the following location:

                                                    User/Library/Preferences/Adobe Fireworks CSx/en/Fireworks CSx Preferences


                                                    If possible, please share the video with the steps to reproduce with me.


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                                                      Priyanka Adobe Employee



                                                      Does FW crash  when its idle as well?

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                                                        steve ofner Level 1

                                                        For me idle is one of the most unstable times.

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                                                          estherwarda Level 1

                                                          Well today is a good day.  They are working.  It's like every couple of days.  No rhyme or reason.   I noticed one difference is when I hover over the links in the panel, when it's working, like today, it changes color (a:hover).. but when it's not working, no hover change.  like it's just dead.

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                                                            Priyanka Adobe Employee

                                                            Hi Steve,


                                                            Can you tell me if you had multiple files open in FW before your system went to sleep?

                                                            It would be great if you could even tell me the size of each files and whether the files were dirty.




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                                                              Absolutely agree Fireworks CS5.1 is beyond unstable in OSX Lion. While frustrating at times I've been able to put up with and work around most bugs, i.e., saving anytime I get up from the computer, restarting Fw often, etc. However, over the past couple days I've been experiencing something inexplicable. It all began with what seemed to be a routine Fw crash. However, when I opened the original file I had been working on (not the recovered file, those are all corrupt), almost 90% of the document was misssing. A whole mess of pages were completely gone, random layers gone… from my original file! Fw crashed, I should have just lost what hadn't been saved. To make matters worse, since that crash, Fw has been 100% unreliable in saving my work. I'll save a file, close it, open it, and again… numerious pages and layers gone!


                                                              What is going on with this application?


                                                              I rolled back to an older version and things seem to be better for the time being but I've lost a lot of time and effort.

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                                                                realbrick2 Level 1

                                                                I use the CS3 version whenever I need to modify a raster image (as Omnigraffle doesn't offer much in that category) The eye-drop color grabber doesn't work in Lion, but at least you won't lose work, like I did almost daily before I gave up on CS5.

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                                                                  itsemb Level 1

                                                                  Pri, Fireworks CS5 will sometimes crash when idle, but this is rare for me.  The most common crash I experience is when I'm actively working on something.  I was just adding states to a file when I got a beachball and it crashed.  The autosaved file did not contain a single one of my updates.  All work was lost.


                                                                  Any change to the content of the file, from adding a state to nuding a vector element, could trigger a beach ball and then a crash.


                                                                  Does anyone over there use this product internally?  It would seem the answer is "no".  Why isn't Adobe dogfooding with Fireworks?

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                                                                    Rob Miller Level 1

                                                                    Anyone found a fix for the eye dropper yet?


                                                                    COME ON ADOBE!!!! You've had NEARLY A YEAR to sort this out. Why have I paid a small fortune to you and then it doesn't even work.


                                                                    You won't respond to emails or anything here. I feel totally ripped off.

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                                                                      Is there a fix for Fireworks crashing? I didn't see a fix all the responses here.

                                                                      • Lion: My Fireworks CS5.5 crashes on launch. Changing the primary display to the internal display didn't seem to work.
                                                                      • Fireworks seems to think forever when saving a small file. The same file would take no time to save in Windows. I still have Fireworks CS3 on my PC, but it doesn't make sense to have a new Mac and turn on my PC just for Fireworks.
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                                                                        Carolin Collins

                                                                        Just saw this post after putting up a question myself about the eye-dropper not working. But I don't even have CS5, I'm still on CS4 but upgraded my OS yesterday to Lion because I need to use iCloud .... what a pain! Also found that my MSOffice for Mac no longer worked after the Lion upgrade and had to purchase upgrade for that ... Have also ordered CS5.5 but from what I hear on this forum, that might have been a mistake.


                                                                        VERY FRUSTRATING!

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                                                                          I haven't gotten Lion yet but I depend heavily on Photoshop, InDesign and Dreamweaver. These problems are what has kept me from "upgrading" my OS -- what do people feel about the situation now?


                                                                          Has anyone had problems with InDesign?

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                                                                            Carolin Collins Level 1

                                                                            Stay well clear of Lion if you are using Adobe products. Have spent all day trying to roll back to Snow Leopard.


                                                                            Sent from my iPhone

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                                                                              Rob Miller Level 1

                                                                              Well it's very simple.


                                                                              If you use any Adobe products DO NOT UPGRADE TO MAC OSX LION


                                                                              If you do, you can forget working for a living.


                                                                              Adobe, you are a farce.


                                                                              I have spend THOUSANDS OF POUNDS on you and you can't even be bothered to answer my FIFTY emails asking for help.


                                                                              I repeat - if you like Lion forget Adobe.