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    Will not locate/load clips

    cyrax037 Level 1

      OK, so I'm having an issue with my adobe premier 8.0. Up untill recently, it has been fine then all of a sudden its been doing this. (Without any changes to my system)


      On my media clips list, all of my clips have turned to that little icon where it says it cannot find the file. Now, some of these are already in the timeline and still work just fine. Those that I want to add to the timeline, it pulls up the thing to find the file. When I do find the file it says the file is invalid or the correct codec is not installed. All my codecs are up to date and everything, so I don't know whats going on. 


      Anyone have any idea whats going on?  I need to get this fixed soon cuz I have a project I need to get done this week.

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          cyrax037 Level 1

          Oh, one thing I forgot.  This does the same with clips I just captured via my camera. When capturing to the timeline, everything works fine. But one point today I half of my footage dissapeared, but I can't put the clip back in cuz of the issues discribed above.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Where are you seeing these issues - Organize, the Organizer or in the Project Panel? Each looks similar, but each is different in certain ways.


            In the Project Panel and on the Project's Timeline, do you get Media Offline?


            When you Open the Project, do you get the dialog, "Where is file _____ ?"


            Good luck,



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              cyrax037 Level 1

              No, I do not get that message when I open the project.


              It'll be easier to show you whats going on rather then trying to explain.


              This is what it looks like when I open the project.




              Here I selected the same clip that already exists in the timeline, from capture. I cannot drag one of these down to the timeline.




              When I click it or try to drag to the timeline, I get this.  I've also selected the file that its looking for.




              Now, when I click that, it gives me a error message saying "File already exists in catalog"




              but when I click another clip that isn't in the time line, I get this.




              Anytime I import a clip or anything, it automatically goes in like that.

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                Where are these clips located? Are they by any chance on an external hard drive?

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                  cyrax037 Level 1

                  Nope. Right there on my C drive. Acturally in the default adobe folder that they capture to. But it doesn't seem to matter WHERE the files are, does the same thing.

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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    There is no reason, related to the software, that this is happening. It's something going on on your computer. It's just hard to say what.


                    It is possible you've got a virus or other malware, for instance. Or that some other software you've added is messing with your system map.


                    But this is definitely weird. Unless there's something unusual about your system that you're not telling us, there's no reason this should be happening to your C drive.

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                      cyrax037 Level 1

                      There in lies the issue doesn't it. It shouldn't be doing it, yet it is.  I've run my vast aray for anti malware/spyware/virus software ad nausem and its pretty much clean as a whistle.  I havn't really loaded anything on my computer resently, and everything is updated. It was working fine a few weeks ago. My computer was down for about a week cuz I moved to a new place and hadn't gotten it back up. Was fine before I moved, then all of a sudden, its doing this. Can't locate files that are right where they should be.  Anyone have any other sugestions other then "There's something wrong with your computer" or "It shouldn't be doing this"  cuz no offence, but thats not really giving me a solution to the delima.

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                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                        Sorry, Cyrax. But there's nothing we can do at this end.


                        The problem is not with the software or many more people(or even a couple of more people) would also be experiencing this. It's something going on with your system -- and that's not something we'll likely be able to help you troubleshoot.



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                          cyrax037 Level 1

                          well, I wish I could figure out WHAT that might be. Its odd that this problem with my system is only affecting Premier. (I downloaded a trial of Pinnicle, and its working fine)  Its really not making any sense at all.  And its not like the clips are being hidden, or anything.  My Premier will not recognise anything properly. Its hard to belive that an issue that is affecting Premier so exclusivly and dramatically, cannot be Premier related.