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    Problem while opening a link of a PDF that points to a specific page to another PDF


      PDF links whose URIs include backslashes are interpreted by Acrobat Reader browser plug-in as local file-system links even when they are not.  This means that a link that points to a specific page number will open the file but not automatically jump to the desired page .  In our browser-based viewing tool, this means that the links are perceived as not working.


      for example :  from IE Browser When we tried to open the link in PDF 1 which has the URL of the 5th section of PDF2 and the URL includes the backslashes then the Specific section of PDF2 is not getting opened . The link just opens the PDF2 first page. This Specific problem does not arrives if we try to open the link through Adobe Reader or if the URL mentioned in the PDF is formed using  forwordslashes instead of backslashes.