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    Audio out of sync by Adobe premiere cs5.5


      I have a major problem. It's not a new problem because I had the same problem in CS3, but expected that the problem would be fixed in CS5.5.


      With HDV-video sometimes the audio get out of sync. Before the audio gets out of sync there is a problem with some frames. There are a lot of blocks in the video and after that the video is normal, but the audio is out of sync. Because the audio is ahead of the video I think that in fact the video is out of sync (because of the frame problem earlier).


      But now the strangest thing: when I play the video in Windows Media Player or VLC there is NO problem! It's fine! There are no corrupt frames and the audio stays in sync.


      So the capturing is OK. It makes no difference capturing with Adobe Premiere (*.mpeg) or with HDVsplit (*.m2t).


      Adobe renders the files when importing and I think there is the problem, but what is the solution?


      Please help!

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When there are blocks in the video usually means the heads are dirty.

          So you might want to use a cleaning tape.

          To avoid out of sync capture with scene detection on.

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            I am suprised that there are so many threads on this topic and no actual solutions. Its seems evident that there is a clear bug with the premiere software. There are no issues with captured files, like the meesterm posted above because the original clips played by any other player like (windows media, vlc, media player) have no issues and are perfectly insync. It is only when they clips are in premiere cs 5.5 that they become out of sync.


            There are users here that offer wasting time (which I have done unfortunately and realized that there are no apperant fixes) searching through all the previous posts or suggest some bogus computer issue are the problem and recommend other software for work arounds (which is ridiculous IMO and insulting to the person who just shelled out fifteen hundred and was expecting the software to work properly and as advertised). I would like an answer from adobe personal to acknowledge that this is a known bug and if so, give a time table when it's expected to be resolved since this has been happening to me since CS4 or someone that has had this problem and was able to correct it.

            Again, if the the original clip files are insync with every other application, then there shouldn't be an issue within premiere cs5.5.




            Cleaned media cache (canceled out corrupt files)

            Checked sequence and settings of media

            Switched from HDV tapes to CF (compact flash) media




            12gb ram

            gtx 285 x2 in SLI

            i7 960

            80gb SSD HD - OS & Adobe Applications

            600 gb x4 (raid 0) - Captured media and work files

            Premiere CS5.5 with latest updates


            Sony Z5 HDV and CF recording

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              Jeff Bellune Level 5

              Welcome to the forum.


              You don't need to post the same thing in multiple topics.  Please stop doing that.  Pick one and stick with it.



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                Spetznas Level 1

                I posted in different topics because they are all relate to the same issue and can potentially be merged by the moderators.

                Like most other forums, open issues get an occasional "bump" to bring it to the top of the message board.

                None of the three topic that I posted in, have been resolved and need attention.

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                  Jeff Bellune Level 5
                  function(){return A.apply(null,[this].concat($A(arguments)))}

                  None of the three topic that I posted in, have been resolved and need attention

                  Fair enough.  What they don't need is the identical post in all three topics.  Your most recent contributions to those other topics were handled much better.  Thanks.



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                    I know this doesn't help, but if misery loves company...

                    I have had the same issue for over a year.  Most recently I shot a Christmas concert, 1.5 hours long.

                    I have spent probably 4 hours editing and an additional 10 hours trying to get everything in sync.  When all finally looked well, I rendered it. Now parts are again out of sync again! 

                    As other have posted, it plays fine in any other application I have tried.

                    It happens with tape as well as my digital video recorder. It is not my computer; I have tried it on others. It is not hardware, dirty heads or any of the other things I have spent countless hours troubleshooting.

                    IT IS PREMIERE CS4, CS5, and apparently CS 5.5.

                    This is not a little known issue; it’s not a new issue. It is a huge problem for those of that need to get quality projects to our customers in a timely fashion.

                    Adobe, where are you?

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                      thepurplegar Level 1

                      If I had to review this product, I would say it was a piece of garbage. Oh, it's easy to use but producing videos that have out-of-sync audio is absolutely unacceptable. This is rediculous. I want answers. Please let me know if this is solved. I have customers who are waiting.


                      Is anyone else on this thread who's having this problem using multiple monitors?


                      Is there another thread I should be posting in?

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                        Bibi Bird

                        Was looking very forward to using Adobe Premiere for my project. Downloaded the trial and had every intention of purchasing the product. I raved with my co-workers how much faster Premiere was than other apps I was working with. 


                        My project to test with involves an amazing talking bird, Bibi. Have all the original footage perfectly in sync. Made clips from that footage that were fine through nearly all of the editing phases. Sound mix went well. No complaints at all. Then I open up one of my sequences to find some of the clips have no audio or audio out of sync. When the clips were created... everything was fine. Now even the orginial imported raw files based on those clips is out of  sync or audio is completely missing... inside of Premiere. If I open the clips in other software... even free players; the video plays perfectly fine.


                        Part of the frustration reading through so many 'solutions' is that people are missing the fact that all the people I've seen complain have quality original files that play fine outside Premiere.


                        Here is some of my testing and frustrations..


                        I made a copy of the original raw file... then imported it again from the copy. The copy is fine now in Premiere. The original is still messed up as well as all the clips based on the original. Everything is fine with the new 'copy'. For now. And that is the issue. I can rewire my clips from the original. But what happens if I open the project tomorrow and my subclips are messed up once again? When I read the posts and this forum and Adobe's attention to the issue I realized I can't go ahead with Premiere as my software for this project. Thank you Adobe for the trial... it kept me from making a huge mistake in investing in this software and the support offered as it is.


                        The troubleshooting sequence involved here is not complicated. The original footage plays fine in other players. The clips were of course  created when the audio and video were all perfectly in sync. I had played the sequence and even have rendered outputs at various stages of editing. All was well. At some point clips based on some of my orginal sources fell out of  sync with the audio or lost audio entirely. When I go to the original source media inside of Premiere... it plays messed up just like the clips. The source itself appears corrupt. However, when I play that source in other players it is fine. When I make a copy of that original source and import the file... then Premiere behaves as it should. The frustrating part is that even if I re-load the source into the same clip so I can preserve my sub-clip... Premiere still has it all garbaged up. If at least I could make a copy and the re-import on top of the orginal that is corrupted i could work around the issue if it happens again. Currently it seems the only way is to re-capture every single clip one by one. In this project I did many many sub-clips... hundreds of them sometimes only involving a second or less of video. I can't afford to go through and re-builld subclips EVER. If Premiere can't remember the edits and keep them solid throughout the workflow or give us a way to quickly fix them... we simply can't use this software.


                        If Adobe could offer a workflow solution that can keep this from happening in the future... I will follow it. If I felt that there was real urgency placed on this issue and that other people who had this problem were given solutions, I would be far more encouraged.


                        Does Adobe need more support staff? Does the software need a simple patch so that at least if our clips get out of sync we can get them back in again?


                        I have the money to spend on this software if Adobe can provide a solution to this issue. Otherwise I would have to say this "trial" has been a nightmare.

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                          I am a professional editor and switched from FINAL CUT when they left us in the consumer dust. I LOVE CS5.5 and all of the workflow. HOWEVER! We are still editing and using a lot of media shot on HDV. We have so MANY projects that are missing AUDIO. When the HDV MPEG files are in Premiere they do not play audio. Sometimes with a strange scrub back and forth you can get audio for a couple of minutes but it then vanishes! We have tried just about everything! All of the files play back JUST fine on Windows Media Player.





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                            I am really upset over this issue. I just did a 5 day shoot in HDV and am seeing this issue as well. I've been using Premiere for years with DV and have never seen this. Now I'm suddenly having to deal with an issue that has been plaguing Adobe users for years and the problem has never been solved? I tried playing the same files in Corel Video Studio X3, which cost me all of $50 and it works fine in there. Yet, Adobe's $799 product can't play the file correctly. This is not good.

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                              shooternz Level 6

                              ....I just did a 5 day shoot in HDV...


                              What exactly is your HDV?  ie. what camera did you use and tell us a bit more about your files.


                              I am assuming you shot to HDV tape but maybe not.

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                                tomjscott Level 1

                                I used a Sony HVRA1U camera in 1080i mode. As far as the tape goes, that is irrelevant since every other player and application plays the files fine. This is strictly a Premiere issue.

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                                  mwctv Level 1



                                  After many heads in our office were put together for several days, we have found several ways of fixing this issue. Here they are:


                                  1. Be sure you are using a 7200rpm hard drive... (hey, some folks don't know this)

                                  2. IF your drive is an external drive through USB, make sure that it is the ONLY item plugged into the USB ports (with the exception of mouse/keyboard) (We discovered this messed with the initial writing of the footage)

                                  3. Make sure that all power saving functions on the drive are disabled (including any internal drives)

                                  4. If your writing to internal drives make sure that no other programs are running EXCEPT Adobe.

                                  5. If you have less than 16gigs of RAM be sure to set the tape to import and LEAVE THE COMPUTER ALONE. DO NOT EVEN SURF THE WEB.

                                  6. RESTART after each tape has been imported. (I know, a pain in the arse, but is an extra precaution.)

                                  7. IF the footage plays back fine in WMV and other programs, then start a NEW ADOBE EDIT SESSION. Import the files ONE AT A TIME into your new Edit Bins. BE SURE to look at the bottom right of the screen and WAIT FOR THE FILE to finish

                                      INDEXING AND CONFORMING. Once finished, SAVE, then IMPORT the next clip. Repeat the process until ALL IMPORTED FILES HAVE BEEN INDEXED AND CONFORMED.

                                  8. If you suddenly lose audio while you are editing, delete the clip and drop it back into the sequence. If it still continues, delete the clip from the BIN, restart ADOBE, and then RE-IMPORT the file into the Sequence. Remember to let it conform before DOING ANYTHING.


                                  We have noticed that the audio can randomly dissappear. This issue (we think) stems from the video file NOT indexing and conforming properly. If the issue consists, just re-import the tape into the computer using the steps above. IF it still continues, pull out your old MAC, IMPORT IN Final Cut 7 and then transfer the QUICKTIME over to ADOBE. That ALWAYS works.


                                  Hope this helps!


                                  -Jonathan Barbee


                                  Running 4 Adobe systems and 2 Final Cut.

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                                    tomjscott Level 1

                                    Sorry, but if my $50 Corel Video Studio X3 can play the captured file correctly and render it correctly then I do NOT need to do any of the things on your list. Adobe needs to fix their bug.

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                                      thepurplegar Level 1

                                      Are you using multiple monitors? I use a Dell Ultrasharp as my main preview monitor and an Acer for the Premiere interface. I find that this helps:


                                      removing fullscreen playback from the main monitor,

                                      de-maximizing the Adobe window and moving Premiere to the Dell (which happens to be my Monitor 1 in Windows).


                                      Sometimes a restart before rendering helps, as well.


                                      I've got 24 gigs ram, Quadro 4000, Echo AudioFire, Xeon six-core, Vertex solid state (Windows), Caviar black 2 Tb (data).

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                                        SpareWheel Level 2

                                        I think what we have in this thread is a combination of things, and it's complicating the OP. For example, the non-indexing of clips (as can happen) is getting rolled into other matters. Solution for that is to close your project and re-open - this as often as not provides a solution. I often just clean out the media cache (on large projects) reopen and force new indexing. And whilst you're at it look specifically at where and how you are caching (I use a dedicated Raid 0 HDD array soley for that purpose).


                                        But moving on: I just like to nail my colours to the Adobe mast here before I give my own experience of the audio out-of-sync issue - or perhaps (and more realistically) it's the video out of sync with the audio.


                                        I love my Adobe Production Premium CS5.5, and my edit user experience in the whole is good - yes, there are some niggles (as this forum knows) but from what I read of other software and user experiences it's not worth the candle changing - the grass (supposedly) is always greener somewhere else.


                                        I had the out-of-sync issue a while back (and sometimes still do). Simply, the HDV clip showed drop-like frames - tape drop out (this issue was from a Sony Z5). Windows Media Player showed no drops or clip issues, but sure enough in Prem Pro I lost audio sync with that clip - and only that clip, but better described as video lag by about 15 frames or more. Also understand the problem - video lag suggests a video problem not an audio problem - this could be due to video delays caused by third party video effects, or simply a bloated video effects or video processing chain.


                                        Interesting to note that this thread has had over 1,600 views - it would seem this is an on-going issue. Interesting also not to see an Adobe Employee responding. But yes, Ann Bens as a Community Professional has offered a suggestion. I think it's wise to first follow that and troubleshoot the issue more logically.


                                        The solution in such a situation is to first recapture the clip and do as Ann has suggested and capture without using the Scene Detect function. Clearly there is a problem, but I do suspect that the clip is dropping frames or at least Prem Pro believes that it is.


                                        Interesting to note, I have not had this problem with AVCHD clips (from a Sony NX5 - solid state storage) just the occasional HDV clips from tape media - a Windows Media Player does NOT spot it.


                                        Yes, like most, I get stressed when on a deadline with a client, but sometimes you have to desconstruct the problem and help yourself - not blame Adobe for it. Every manufacturer has their wrinkles - no doubt FCP and all the other stuff has too.



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                                          StormMarc Level 1

                                          Wow... glad I read this.  I was in the process of migrating over to Adobe Premiere after using Sony Vegas since verson 3.  However I still process a lot of HDV and I have not had to deal with sync problems for years.  I don't plan on starting that nightmare again.  I'll stay on the fence for now and hope Adobe addresses this issue.  It's disturbing that it has gone on so long.

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                                            SpareWheel Level 2

                                            Hi StormMarc,


                                            Wow too - What chance of me being at the KYBD at this time in the UK?


                                            I do not think you should be worried. The majority of my footage is tape HDV. I am not worried. There will be tape drops - fact. They are rare if you do due diligence to your workflow.


                                            I have had little problem with video lag against audio due to drop. The problem identified in this thread is (I believe) people confusing other identiified niggles with other minor issues.


                                            The important thing here is identifying what is believed to be a problem - if you have tape drops (and like most edit software) it will blink.


                                            The solution has been proposed earlier in this post - I concur - clear your cache - re-capture - end of...



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                                              matthews54241 Level 1

                                              Hi Drystonewall,


                                              I would have to respectfully disagree with you on this. The things suggested are workarounds for a product that simply doesn't work correctly. In addition, I have tried all of them, while sometimes they help other times they do not. I have had videos with no dropouts where the video and audio start fine, but as the video progresses with audio/ video get more and more out of sync.

                                              I would say to StromMarc to seriously consider another product. First of all, because this product doesn’t work correctly. Secondly, and more importantly, Adobe has offered nothing for a fix. It tells me they really don't give a hoot about their customers that have paid a lot of money for their product. I think they would be well advised to stop worrying about adding more and more features and concentrate on fixing the problems that prevent people from being able to complete projects without trying to fix problems that they should have already addressed. As has been stated the video is not the issue. Other programs can play the video without issue, It is a problem with the software and we as end users should have to spend our time trying all the workarounds, IT SHOULD WORK!

                                                I’m an IT director and work with any different programs and can tell you that they all have their issues. The difference here is that other companies, for the most part, actually care and do what is need to make their customers satisfied. Apparently Adobe has a different philosophy. I apologize for my tone but this is ridicules

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                                                StormMarc Level 1

                                                Yes, I agree that I can't really look at possible sync issues as no big deal.  I went through that in the days of DV Master and Speed Razor and it was maddening.  I do a fair amount of long form projects and to have that happen in the middle is not an option for me.  A reply from Adobe that they are working on a fix would be helpful.  With all of the people coming over from Final Cut I'd imagine this could create some bad blood for them.  Perhaps they are banking that not many people are still using HDV.

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                                                  tomjscott Level 1

                                                  I got around this problem by checking Scene Detect when capturing. However, I still have issues when exporting from an mpeg file to another mpeg variant. That I can deal with, but I would still like adobe to fix the issue with audio sync without scene detect. I'm beginning to think that no one from technical support watches these forums or cares. Do we have to pay for a support ticket to get an answer to this? Has anyone used the support system to ask about this issue? Does anyone know if they have or have any intention of ever working on a fix for this?

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                                                    Jim_Simon Level 9

                                                    I'm beginning to think that no one from technical support watches these forums


                                                    That's actually true.  These are user forums.  Adobe's technical support is a paid service.  But the bug reporting system, which is monitored, is free.



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                                                      StormMarc Level 1

                                                      That's interesting... I read the bug report policy and it sounds like they do not respond personally.  Does Adobe ever send out acknowledgement that your bug is confirmed and they are working on it? 

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                                                        Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                                                        > Does Adobe ever send out acknowledgement that your bug is confirmed and they are working on it?


                                                        We respond if we need more information.


                                                        Sometimes, if we've identified a big bug and are sure of being able to get out a bug-fix update in a certain time, we'll announce that here.


                                                        For example...



                                                        But we can't respond to every bug report. If we did, we wouldn't have a lot of time left to fix and improve the software.

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                                                          I am having a similar problem:

                                                          I do a lot of multitrack editing, editing in the old fasioned way by revealing clip below each other. My import video is from Canon 5D Mkiis and Canon 60Ds and I am match the DSLR audio with a Zoom 4HN. On almost each session I find that some of my  clips inexplicably go out of synch. I am wondering what work around there is for this. In FCP 7, it warns you when you move either a video or audio clip out of synch accidentaly. There seems to be no such thing in Premier. I thought about locking the audio track, but that doesn't help if the video clip it is supposed to be match to moves a few seconds out of synch. Maybe I am doing it all wrong, but I don't think so.

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                                                            tomjscott Level 1

                                                            Todd, I see that the audio sync issue with mpeg hdv captures is something that's been around for several years. This is a huge issue. Isn't there some way you can communicate to the people on the forums whether or not this issue is being looked at? So many other programs, including $50 editing suites do not have this issue and yet premiere has suffered from it for 3-4 years. For the price we pay for this, we deserve a definitive answer and we deserve a fix.

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                                                              Jim_Simon Level 9

                                                              it warns you when you move either a video or audio clip out of synch accidentaly


                                                              Premiere Pro does the same, if you know what to look for.  You will notice red timecode in the clips.  This indicates how much the two are out of sync.

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                                                                I just encountered a similar problem of HDV24 footage not syncing in Premiere (CS3), but playing just fine in VLC and Windows Media Player. 


                                                                What did eventually work was setting an in and out point and choosing "Capture In/Out" rather than "Capture Tape."  I don't know why this worked when capturing the entire tape wouldn't, but it did.  Hopefully this will help anyone having a similar problem.

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                                                                  Keith_Clark Level 2

                                                                  count me as complaining. after about a year off of not doing anything with analog, i bought a canopous advc, and using onlocation or premiere, the audio is OOS in adobe, but completely fine when watchinjg the video in windows media player. very remiscent of how iphone audio is off by about 3 frames in adobe, but completely fine watching it in quicktime.


                                                                  sad thing is, video that i would capture using roxio, and my composite capture card directly into my MoBo, no out of sync at all. hmmm.... i wonder if capturing with a different program would help? or if converting it to lossless avi would help? i dunno. i'm miffed.

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                                                                    AUDIO SYNC in  any media player but UNSYNC after imported to PREMIER

                                                                    From my experience , this happen after i rename the file.


                                                                    i got few files in a folder. i rename the file  by adding prefix before the file name for easy editing. eg : Jess kiss take1_MVI_0991, Jess kiss take2_MVI_0992.

                                                                    (i use windows 7 64 bit . so i just copy-paste the word when rename) . This files i copied from my memory card after use the camera

                                                                    Some files i just leave it untouched since it just establishing shots. eg: MVI_ 0900, MVI_0901)


                                                                    Then when i import the folder and even tried import 1 by 1. All the files that i renamed is not sync. and looks like some audio data lost. But the files that i didnt rename are fine after import.

                                                                    Then i used other PC, copied the folder(with renamed files) and  it works fine, 


                                                                    At first i thought PC is the problem, maybe hardware or codec issuee. but one day i tried to troubleshoot this since i  only got my old pc that can be used.

                                                                    I tried many Things,and  came up with 2 solutions


                                                                    1) use other file converter and maintain highest quality posible.

                                                                    2) Copy back the original file from memory card ( before i renamed them)


                                                                    Not everytime this happen to me, but it migth got something to do with indexing and cache.. but weird  part is if i duplicate (copy-paste) the renamed file and put other name or turn back to its original name and import again , it wont solve the problem..


                                                                    hope this help you guys or technical person to look into this matters,





                                                                    • 31. Re: Audio out of sync by Adobe premiere cs5.5

                                                                      From extensive research and testing regarding this problem, it's my conclusion this issue has nothing to do with system specs, hard drive speed, media cache issues, or conforming.


                                                                      The issue is that if during capture, there are dropped, or even partially dropped frames (we're talking just a spec of noticeable glitch within a frame) the MPEG2 program stream which is being transferred from tape to computer in 1s and 0s does not follow the correct GOP/Header/Mux format.  Simply put - 1s and 0s are lost.


                                                                      Programs like VLC, Windows Media, and QuickTime, will play the file and "fill" the missing data (with either garbled video, grey video, etc.) - whereas Premiere "joins" the gap - (Red Frames in still mode) or the missing data if you will, which is what causes the video to fall from sync from the audio. This only started happening with CS4 and beyond.


                                                                      I run a production facility and we have encountered an uncountable amount of loss due to this issue - which only became apparent with the CS4 or CS5 upgrade.  Before that, we were using CS1 and CS2, and had no issues.


                                                                      Something changed with the way Premiere handles MPEG2 Program streams during those post CS3 releases - and I highly doubt there will be a bug fix on the horizon.


                                                                      Keep in mind - the last HDV Camcorder released to the prosumer market was in 2009 - and there are no future releases planned. Simply put, this issue is not on the radar of Adobe as HDV will ultimately become a dead format.


                                                                      You have, in my opinion, only these options:


                                                                      1. 1.)  Use a KiPro to capture from an HDV source via HDMI - then edit from the KiPro files. (This works - and is what we've been doing).

                                                                      - Note - you must capture across HDMI, or Component - not Firewire - in order to strip the video of its missing data. 


                                                                      1. 2.) Try a software platform such as MPEGRepairHD:  http://www.pixeltools.com/MpegRepairhd.html (Which supposedly fixes these errors on the fly during capture - however we haven’t tested it because it's a $4000 per license piece of software)


                                                                      1. 3.) Use an alternate method to #1 - some sort of capture device that allows for capture over HDMI - not FireWire - into an edit friendly codec.   When we originally encountered this issue - we bought 3-4 products to test - all of which had issues with the way they handled these frame drops - no matter how small.  The KiPro was the only unit that worked for us.


                                                                      It's a shame this issue was never resolved.  We have a ton of money invested in Adobe products - and 14 full time employees / 8 full edit suites running Production Premium / Premiere CS6.  We've wasted so many countless hours researching, testing, and then implementing a workaround to this - and even the work around is a hassle (large files with KiPro). We're slowing getting out of our HDV backlog, but we have 100s of tapes to go.


                                                                      Hope this information helps some of you!

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                                                                        tomjscott Level 1

                                                                        The issue for me was solved simply by checking the Scene Detect option. So when Adobe encounters a bad frame where audio sync would become a problem, the clip is captured to file and a new clip is started. Therefore, no audio sync issues occur within the clips. This has been a life-saver to me as all my footage was becoming unusable without this workaround.

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                                                                          blueskymedia Level 1

                                                                          We tried that approach - however we load large volumes of footage (3000+ hdv tapes a year).  When premier encounters even a partial frame drop - or glitch, it will lose sync - which is not caught by scene detection.

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                                                                            Jeff Bellune Level 5

                                                                            Please don't double-post.  Duplicate post deleted.



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                                                                              zfotoguyz Level 1

                                                                              I've experienced the audio-out-of-synch fairly recently in Premiere CS5. It is apparently due to using the pre-record feature of my Panasonic AVCHD camera. I disabled the pre-record today, and voila! No more out of synch issues. Don't know if this appliies to HDV cameras, however.

                                                                              • 36. Re: Audio out of sync by Adobe premiere cs5.5

                                                                                Did you find any solution for this problem. I have same problem. Please can you help me. Thanks

                                                                                • 37. Re: Audio out of sync by Adobe premiere cs5.5
                                                                                  tomjscott Level 1

                                                                                  I had this problem and the solution for me was to check the Detect Scenes checkbox before capturing video. That breaks up the footage into scenes every time the camera was stopped and restarted instead of creating one large file of all footage. Since I've been doing this I have never seen this problem again.

                                                                                  • 38. Re: Audio out of sync by Adobe premiere cs5.5

                                                                                    The only thing that might help is to drop  the video into audition and make a separate wav then marry them in Premiere

                                                                                    • 39. Re: Audio out of sync by Adobe premiere cs5.5

                                                                                      You know this is BS you think that Adobe would have fixed this problem versions ago but here I am in Primer CC and I just updated the software through the creative cloud app and it still persists. This post was originally posted i 2011 and here I am 4 years later and the same problem is still an issue. Looks like adobe rather make new improvements witch they do on a constant basis rather then fix a problem that has been insisting for almost half an decade. I don't think using new technology to mask the flaws of old tech is an ethical way of going about things. older issues should be put to top priority and handled quicker.

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