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    Need help exporting large file to bitmap format


      I have a large file that I need to export to a bitmap format and I am experiencing unknown "IMer" errors, memory and file size limitations.


      The file contains only one artboard of size around 8000 pixels by 6000 pixels. I can successfully export as a png at 72dpi giving me a 100% image of my AI file. However I need to export an image at 200% of the AI file. If I export as a png at 144dpi to achieve this I get the following error(s)


      "The operation cannot complete because of an unknown error (IMer)" or "Could not complete this operation. The rasterised image exceeded the maximum bounds for savung to the png format"


      I have tried exporting as tiff, bmp and jpeg but all give "not enough memory"  or "dimensions out of range" errors.


      Does anyone know the limitations with AI for saving large files to bitmap format?


      Does anyone have a workaround I could try?