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    Can I tween a tween?  Or other solutions..


      I have a cloud for an animation that is basically three slightly different clouds struing together.. this makes it look like the cloud is swelling if you know what I mean.


      Basically, I want to know how I can make the cloud animated in this way, but still move around, without having to make a motion tween for each one and then align the slightly different cloud shapes up each time.


      I thought I might be able to make a tween and have each slightly different cloud at consecutive  keyframes in the tween, and then apply a motion tween that would move them all around over the top of this, but it doesn't seem I can even use a tween to change between different objects in the first place, so I never got to try it.


      Any suggestions about how I can do this would be appreciated, I have an animation project for uni due this week!




      Recap: I want a cloud that is composed of three slightly different cloud images changing to move smoothly around the screen.